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France Banned Over the Counter Chloroquine Days Before First Western Scientific Report on Pandemic


October 2019, as global protests were raging across the world, an agency no one had heard of made an astonishing decision.

“Painkiller tablets such as aspirin, paracetamol and ibuprofen will be placed behind pharmacy counters and no longer be freely available on shelves in France from January 15 2020, it has been confirmed…

The measure comes after medical health agency Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament (ANSM) recommended it in October this year, and after consultations with pharmacies and patient focus groups.”

So says The Connexion, described as “a monthly newspaper and news website for the English-speaking expatriate community in France…

It was founded in September 2002 and claims 7,500 subscribers and a print run of 50,000 a month.”

Paracetamol. Our much loved childhood medication during seasonal flu that our mothers gave us with syrup.

Not that anyone would have cared about what this bureaucratic agency did in France, where it not for an even more astonishing statement by RTL. RTL being a “French commercial radio network… founded in 1933.”

“Plaquénil, the trade name for chloroquine, was sold over the counter in pharmacies until January 15, 2020.

‘Today, there are an escalation of directives aimed at restricting its use by the Directorate General of Health and it remains authorized in the context where it is least effective, that is to say in the intensive care units,’ continues the doctor.”

So they say. October of course is when some suspect this corona thing began in Wuhan, with January 15th being just two days before the western scientific community began to start grappling with this thing.

The now famous or infamous Imperial College University published its first report on the 17th of January 2020 where they say “self-sustaining human-to-human transmission should not be ruled out.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) had stated on the 14th of January there was no evidence of human to human transmission, with that being a key indicator of whether this was a very localized matter or a potential pandemic.

We know what happened thereafter, but what we do not know is why did this agency ban a potential drug that could prevent this, and why was it banned in October in France, with that ban set to take effect just days before China took the shocking decision to curfew Wuhan on the 23rd of January.

We have all seen the media reaction to a potential treatment, but the media has been led by the government.

It was the Italian government that even in the very early days put troops in Milan, not the media. Here in France, it’s a government agency that banned Plaquénil, translating to plague nil – no plague – not the media.

It was of course the Italian government that did not treat its people, and in UK or USA continues to not treat them despite the FDA ‘relaxing’ measures to allow treatment in hospital instead of early treatment, and again, it was not the media that made these decisions.

When people speak of the deep state, and Fauci facepalms, there are many who double facepalm because there are many agencies which do not have law making powers where the constitution is concerned, but nonetheless exercise a lawmaking authority.

What this French agency said, for example, is law even though effectively no one even knew what it said. Paracetamol?

And this is just an example among many, many. Agencies that are unaccountable are effectively making laws without even our knowledge, let alone discussion or debate.

Accountability of course, and this entire system of elections and debates and scrutiny, is there to minimize corruption which from experience our ancestors learned was simply the ‘natural’ state if there are no preventive measures.

Just as cheating is, or theft. Things that usually benefit no one, not even the thief, were there systems that can use his or her talents productively and that can prevent his or her easy fall into corrosive temptation.

Because this falling is so easy, we have checks and balances, but such checks and balances have clearly fully failed as this crises has exposed for it is now very obvious these unelected bureaucrats in these agencies are the true lawmakers that decide in this case even life and death.

The answer must be a Citizens Assembly, as part of other law making houses, for though our randomly selected selves or neighbors for a short period of two years might usually not even know such French agency exists or our equivalent, you would think there would be someone in that jury with the microphone in such lawmaking position that points out debates that are necessary and largely outside of the political theatre enjoyed by no one.

For at the end of the day, it is our governments that are killing our fathers and mothers, and are injuring us all, and are doing so due to what we would like to think is utter incompetence, but objectively are doing so due to what is clearly a complete systematic failure.


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