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Stocks Go Green on Chloroquine


Pre market movements are suggesting a green Monday opening as momentum builds to turn the focus towards treating people.

American stocks currently are set to rise by 0.7% at the time of writing. Footsie expected up by more than 2%.

In Germany and Milan they might be in the dark, but Euro stocks as a whole are up like in USA, circa 0.7%, with Japan expecting 1% of green.

Stocks futures, March 2020
Stocks futures, March 2020

After a pessimistic trench to $5,800, bitcoin has turned to meet nearly $6,200 at the time of writting.

Other cryptos likewise have followed, with oil rising slightly, to what in any other time would be a dream of just $23, while gold doesn’t seem to care much, stuck at $1,600.

Crypto prices, March 2020
Crypto prices, March 2020

In what might seem like a backstabbing move, the Food and Drug Administration choose only one highly biased media outlet to reveal some very big news.

“The Food and Drug Administration [FDA] on Sunday issued an emergency use authorization for hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine.”

Donald Trump, the President of the United States, has recently spoken to FDA and now we have the results.

The details of what exactly FDA is saying are not clear because apparently they’ve chosen to send three ‘officials’ to speak to a very lefty media outlet in breaking this news instead of putting out a press release, but the suggestion seems to be – presumably – they are now recommending the use of chloro and hydro combined with other doctor stuff for general medical treatment.

That’s while doctors left, right and centre are saying they are seeing considerable results. Here is a very interesting new statement by a doctor:

“During the initial Chinese outbreak, Wuhan doctors observed that patients with lupus—a disease for which hydroxychloroquine (HC) is a common treatment—did not seem to develop Covid-19. Of 178 hospital patients who tested positive, none had lupus and none were on HC.

None of this Wuhan hospital’s dermatology department’s 80 lupus patients were infected with the novel coronavirus. The Wuhan doctors hypothesized that this may be due to long-term use of HC.

They treated 20 Covid-19 patients with HC. Their result: ‘Clinical symptoms improve significantly in 1 to 2 days. After five days of chest CT examination, 19 cases showed significant absorption improvement.'”

Science. Italy has now finally gone into a full fighting mode instead of just sitting there as they have for weeks, with pleasing news they are finally to treat patients leading to a very interesting tweet by Corriere della Sera which today said: “Contagions in decline in Lombardy.”

Eh how we fall and how we rise. France of course has began mass treatment in hospitals, a then first in the western world, but doctors are apparently still fighting in the land where they sing in their anthem ‘down with tyranny’ to treat patients far more freely under doctors’ judgment.

Because this is a fairly bitter pill. You need a spoon full of sugar and preferably even some honey to take it.

We all probably remember the experience of biting on paracetamol, it’s certainly not something you just want to take unless of course you have to because it does save lives.

And in this twilight we are currently, until there is mass treatment and the situation has ended, we can’t quite know for certain that our honey grandma will stay at home instead of at hospital.

But it appears to be frontline doctors saying this works and it appears to be up there career bureaucrats who might have the title of doctor but may have never even treated a patient, or not corona patients, that are saying ‘no proof.’

Proof. How quick we forget the millennial long running debates in philosophical circles of even whether one exists at all, I am therefore I think – wait other way around – or more poignantly how quick we forget the pope almost burned Galileo under the demand for ‘proof’ that this yellow thing is what gives us life – atoms, the sun being the manufacturer of hydrogen and many other base atoms.

But, we also don’t forget at all. Yet this panel of inquisitors that call themselves ‘experts’ when all they’ve spent their life doing is administrating papers in some beige room is a very fine reminder of why we so do not like them.

“Three weeks for review, two or three months to see whether we have really squashed it but about three to six months ideally, and lots of uncertainty in that, but then to see at which point we can actually get back to normal.”

So says Dr Jenny Harries, CHIEF medical officer, who at her age should not be getting outside of the house at all, but obviously as an ‘expert’ she is immune.

Six months, OR MAYBE LONGER, says the tax payed BBC which is doing a fine job of showing us why communism has failed because its name really should be government broadcasting corporation.

Lefty Channel 4 – wasn’t before but now probably feels the need to so as to give an ‘alternative’ – and its smaller brother ITV, have to play to their own audience of reeee Boris, as in martial law and flamethrow everybudeh.

So leaving the United Kingdom basically with no free broadcasting media and thus, well they’re very educated and most now get their news from the internet, but otherwise basically without knowledge there is an almost switch like cure that just ends all this pretty much instantly.

As the tide turns, the markets turn bullish. Now American stocks are expected to be up 1.5%. They move by the second, no point keeping up in words, but in trends it seems the tide is turning.

Remember the name, Didier Raoult. Remember who gave the microphone: Trump, after our blockchain boys brought it to him. And remember also who stood to hold up that microphone when many were keen to smash it so fully: these pages.

If we are wrong, then someone has to be, at least we’ll know, but if we are and were right, as it appears somewhat clear by the second, then lets get this show back on the road and lets get rid of this veil of death because there is sunshine out there we want to enjoy.


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