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Snails Speed Science Stands Chained


Some $8 trillion is spent on healthcare every year, employing the biggest army on earth, but it is not clear any of us can name any invention that has come from it since penicilin.

We are suffocating under red tape, even in these most unusual times, where some priests decide it is better we let grandmas die while we wait for ‘science’ in double blinded weeks long trials, than engage in actual science in treating patients and so through trial and error learn what works.

The extremely risk averse bureaucracy suggests that such experimental treatment might lead to unnecessary deaths.

The common sense scientific exploration would suggest not treating people will lead to death, especially in a pandemic.

This incredible rigidity in scientific exploration so revealed here very clearly, does explain why it appears the medical field in particular never seems able to discover anything.

A cure in this industry is more stuff that belongs in old books, not here and today.

The scientific method has been set once and for all, and here it starts first with the question of whether an experiment is ethical.

It is the government that decides this question, or more specifically a bureaucratic unaccountable agency none of us cared about until now, the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).

Grey, beige, swimming in old processes that are never looked at because no one wants to take a stand and get fired or reeeed. To corrupt this stagnant agency you would think is a child’s play.

As a drug evaluation process can take some seven years, what you would think is an extremely competitive process due to astonishing upward investment can probably easily be captured by the biggest medical corporations either outright corrupting the bureaucrats, though subtly and covertly, or by offering them a very nice job which amounts to the same thing.

And so if the drug of a competitor is rejected, of course under fully justified reasons that nitpick on whatever things, it is certainly not because of undue influences.

Far more importantly, and this is crucial, if a startup was developing some drug that was found to be more effective than some big pharma drug, we can all guess which one FDA would approve.

Don’t Call it Corruption

The west used to look down on other countries which often it saw as corrupt, but over the past two decades not only has corruption in the west become self evident, it is also not at all addressed despite continuous public pressure.

The weakness is apparent. FDA, SEC, and others which are basically unelected governments of their own running vast aspects of the country, have an incredible amount of power, and sometime more than even the president himself, and thus are very easy targets to covertly corrupt.

Not necessarily by moving briefcases of money, but a big pharma CEO can probably have a one on one conversation with the chief of FDA. A private conversation, where no one knows what was said.

Of course such conversation wouldn’t happen in some back ally. A ‘chance’ encounter at some party or at the opera where say the FDA chief is told, and we’re giving a purely imaginative example, that their son or daughter was hired or their cousin or whoever.

The guidelines thus, which are basically the ‘law,’ are interpreted by the Chief who as any law student knows, can interpret them however he or she pleases while appearing to engage in ‘scientific’ judgment.

No control group, or the control group is not in sufficient numbers, or the trial as a whole is not big enough, or one person had this complication and thus all the rest is dismissed.

Or, this was a fine study by big pharma that shows significant improvement in some patients, although very few, but it is still better than nothing.

There is a difference between something that affects you and something that doesn’t. The decisions by some of these bureaucrats does not affect them. The one million dollars a year job guaranteed to them or people directly related – some 50x their measly gov salary – does affect them.

And if we take the money out of the equation, put it down as more a sweetener, the bitter pill of emotional manipulation they could be put under by well resourced companies might make it difficult to exercise good judgment instead of convenient judgment even if they wanted to.

Sinking Under Red Tape

In the exploration age, some 30% of explorers died. In this dawn of the space age, barely 1% of astronauts have died.

That’s the concrete visible and known. What was not known in the exploration age was America. What is not known in this age is what the cost might be of saving that 29% of this very small and specific group to the other 100%, the human species itself.

The very narrow ‘risk’ analysis ignores the risk to existence itself which is fragile and can be fully so if not diversified.

Hence the need to explore space and with speed, but there are bureaucracies upon bureaucracies that make sure it is no more than a snail speed.

To keep up we have to move, but we have chains upon chains that ensure we barely move. Now a very new chain for the masses.

And more importantly, no one has accountability over these chains. The chain imposers answer to no one. In a drift, you would think, to starvation.

Nonsense, we can hear the chorus say, but this is hardly the first time systemic stagnation potentially courts starvation.

All in key positions seem to think things were done a certain way and so they must always be done, embodied in the SEC rep stating “we won’t innovate for you.

How anyone of position can utter those words is not too clear except that perhaps they hate their job, and don’t care at all, and so find this need to think and change things not something they have to do, and so they tell you.

It doesn’t affect them. They don’t even get reprimanded, let alone fired. They have their own process qualities that deal with superficialities. There is no outside accountability save for minimally so within their own ‘kingdoms.’ Why should they care?

Why should these bureaucrats that have spent all their life doing a fairly boring job in a very routine way bother to even think?

That’s even without corrupting influences, which come so very naturally in this soulless environment where man is just a number, or a start up dream is just yet another application form.

The New Inquisition

Yes, we are exaggerating, but not fully. They killed the biohacker, the Rolling Stones journalist, the Maltese journalist, Aaron Swartz.

We joke nowadays about women thrown to the sea to see if they sink or swim, but we forget the entire population not only stood, but participated, in this excercise.

As we stand locked in curfews, the Hungarian president has taken the opportunity to become an absolute ruler.

It is justified in their media because on average 79 year olds are dying while the life expectancy is 81. And it is justified because just as they were scared of witches killing them, so too now they are scared of some flu.

The speed of it is amazing, with these ‘experts’ in the bureaucracy keen to say this ain’t a few days thing and over. It’s more the new normal they wish to claim.

The arab terrists are out, so we now have a new ‘war’ that is even more invisible to the pleasure of primarily generation no name, generation X.

This is the generation no one speaks about and yet now is in charge and has the quality of living in dream land.

They have no god, a concept which to them is as stupid as any stupidity. Thus they do not know where they came from, nor do they know where they are going. Instead life to them is a theatre, a Rick and Morty absurdity with no meaning.

It is fashionable to blame the baby boomers, our fathers and mothers, which this generation no name hates so very much, but baby boomers had their 60s. What do these Xers have?

We generalize of course, as one must, but this now in charge generation refuses to adapt and gives not only support but demands that their undoubtedly good meaning intentions are not just implemented, but are ordered.


We define generation x as those born in the 70s and early 80s. The young adults in the 90s. The key demographic of the then propaganda.

They would have been in the late 20s or early 30s when the new millennium opened.

They sang for world peace, to the point they got sick of hearing it. Things ‘are’ for them, they can’t ‘be,’ because of course ‘history ended.’

And so the past is the present, for the no namers. Anyone who doubts that or questions it is stupid. Their ways are vastly superior, and their way must be.

Thinking is an extremely alien concept to this generation. It’s only books that think. People like Aristotle were of a different sort, gods. No mere mortal can be a modern Aristotle.

What one is told is a fact. TRUST THE EXPERTS. No room for debate, all that is to know is known, and we have the best system, and that system knows all.

Of course this is a terrorized generation, and globally so. They were born during the oil crisis, at age during stagflation and the collapse of the Soviet Union or in China while there was mass starvation.

Indeed that starvation, especially in Africa, was on their face everyday. They don’t know it, but they think they can help others by basically giving them money because they are rich and those others are poor.

This was a generation that dreamed but as it was told to dream, not by itself. For they grew at the peak of the mass influence of controlled media when they believed what the media said.

CNN to them was and for many of them remains the pinnacle of truth. The New York Times and many other papers were, and to many of them are, ‘objective.’

They believed and believe they are perfect. That the systems in place in the west, which to them were so incredibly propagandized, can not quite be improved and if they are lacking, they are at least better than all other systems.

But their world is shattering. And it is shattering because they never bothered to keep up. They never bothered to look again at what they took for so granted.

The Millennium Boys

While our sisters and our brothers stood in line to get bread, child millennials saw it more as an excursion.

Of course hardly much can be remembered at that age of five, when those shouts of freedom and democracy passed by, and under propaganda left so many, or were ‘welcomed.’

At the opening of the millennium that illusion was shattered. A generation across the globe concluded they were lied to. There was no utopia.

Too young to be tuned at the opening of the millennium, which they thought of more as a movie, their focus was more on maintaining at least the pretense that the emperor has clothes.

Theatre to them was the banking collapse, and in that movie they participated fully, with the current episode just another show that plays the same card of fear.

This clash between authoritarian xers and rebellious millennials is pretty much on all fronts and across the globe.

The question for the months and years to come is whether the xers can be persuaded, for the millennials will not and can’t because the xers’ principles were fine if so adhered and it is the principles they taught us and thus we will adhere them.

That they so willingly gave them up is perhaps a product of their experience. But for us to give them up, is to give up this entire civilization, and that we can not.

Your Hollywood is boring. Your TV outdated. Your ‘guidelines’ too rigid. Your diktats too past. Your censorship is affronting. Your communism far too obvious to any eye, and your godless ways too stupid for this earth.

Enjoy your spectacle. We are not so stupid to march up and back to some square for one day and call it job done you authoritarian snakes.

We can think. And so we’ll break your chains. Not with pretense. Certainly not with violence for we are not barbarians. But break them we will.

And when you meet your gods, which you deny, then find comfort in knowing the ‘but I didn’t know’ great mercy.

For most of you anyway. For many of you, there is no mercy, in the afterlife. Here, there is only thought.

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