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“We Are Looking at an Immunity Certificate” Says British Health Secretary


The British government is apparently envisioning a dystopia where millions could potentially be locked under house arrest in the name of saving some 85+ year olds with three serious illnesses.

“We are looking at an immunity certificate,” the British Health Secretary Matthew John David Hancock (pictured) said, “how people who have had the [Chinese flu], have got the antibodies, and therefore have immunity, can show that, and so get back as much as normal, to… erm… as much as possible to normal life.”

“That is an important thing that we will be doing and are looking at, but it’s too early in the science of immunity… to put clarity around that.”

Hancock himself recently had the Chinese flu because while he was telling everyone to STAY AT HOME he had daily conferences with journalists and other people.

So he said he personally was interested in this certificate now that he had the “disease,” which of course didn’t cause him any disease because he is fit and healthy not 90 years old.

The British Prime Minister too had this, and he even said he was going to visit his mother just before it was confirmed he caught it, but what is more astonishing out of this briefing is the response to a question by an AP reporter who put it to them that scientific evidence shows this flu spreads far more indoors than outside.

One of the new unelected bureaucrats they got up there said evidence does indeed show it spreads far better inside, but Hancock was quick to shout that it is important you stay at home because ‘science.’

In Italy although they have been staying at home for a month, some 4,000 new cases were reported, showing this order is pretty much nonsense as the curve seems to correspond more to the weather and to the level of herd immunity.

Italians however are still not free, locked indoors despite the situation there pretty much over, albeit not on TV where the lagging show continues as they replace 90 year olds with more neutral uninformative numbers of deaths to vindicate the saying of lies, lies and statistics.

Of course thousands of babies are born everyday, and as many old people or otherwise depart, with car accidents one of the biggest killers, and sometime trains go off rail or planes crash, and wood houses can catch fire…

In addition there can be many variations of rarona or any flu, with huge questions in regards to this immunity ‘passport,’ as commie Guardian called it, because we all know just how efficient beige bureaucracy is and just how correct these ‘tests’ are.

Censored. Hanacok was pointed out in a question that antibodies tests are only effective after 28 days following the flu. He says:

“I wouldn’t read from what I said a link from the 28 days through to the time the lockdown will be in place, because the number one thing that stops the spread of this virus is social distancing. That is the most important thing.”

For some reason that bit was cut off from the livestream which somehow went to a French conference that was waiting to begin.

One of the grey suites said that the “lockdown should continue as long as scientific evidence suggests.”

Evidence. They have pretty much zero evidence that the lockdown has any positive effect, while as stated above there is evidence it might have negative effects because it spreads best indoors.

Obviously pubs and the like are indoors, but the flu is generally good at quarantining itself because who on earth wants to go to work or outside at all when they have it.

The herd immunity then kicks in and the weather, so ending the flu although the body does react to every changing season and at the very old age that passage of time and seasons is of course a cause of lucky departure, lucky because hopefully we all get to live until 95 or 100 or even beyond.

And hopefully we do so in freedom, not with stupid ‘immunity’ certificates decided by an incompetent authoritarian beige bureaucracy that is “looking into” policing who stays home and who gets out with presumably gestapos walking around asking papers please under the terror of the media which should be sued for negligently causing post traumatic stress disorder due to their awful choice of pictures.

What on earth are these people even saying, let alone doing. And how on earth are they all getting it and all seem fine, while we should shiver in home prisons in fear of this ‘disease’ that appears to be less harmful than even the flu and that seems to do to them nothing at all.

And they obsessed with testing and those astronaut suits when they’ve openly shown themselves to be liers by putting down most serious illnesses as caused by some flu. Yet they want us to believe their ‘tests.’

Plus they’ve promised all this money and nothing seems to be making it into anyone’s pocket. Talk about DDoS the NHS. This is DDoSing the whole bureaucracy. In June comes help for the self-employed, and even then some pennies. $1,000 per American said Trump, eventually maybe after those snails decide to begin the start of moving towards it. Trillions says Europe, forgetting of course to add once they spend months to figure out how to do any of this.

Fathers with their families to keep are now probably wondering how to make next month, let alone about how to feed their grandpa.

Those who had a successful renting business in the hugely competitive property market are now pretty much bankrupt. Seven million are claiming unemployment benefits in USA. Technically all 150 million of the work force is probably entitled to it. Who is going to pay it, people from Mars?

“We saving lives,” is their refrain. What if they are accused of mass murder instead. Fiddling with immunity certificates and their ‘science’ to save no life at all as all these people were on their way, while actively causing harm through those awful images that even little children see and through potential starvation as three world agencies warn there might be a shortage of food especially with all this Locust swarm that is making its way.

Locus Swarm in Africa, starvation coming? April 2020
Locust Swarm in Africa, starvation coming? April 2020

There is a constitution for a reason, there is a Magna Carta for a reason. There is no ‘trust us.’ Precisely because that trust can be abused, our forefathers ensured and fought to set up a system of checks and balances.

There are no ID cards in this country. There can not be any ‘immunity’ cards. And if some grandpas die, may we live as long.

And may we live in freedom. The freedom to drive while that might kill someone in an accident. The freedom to interact while that might lead to raws or worse. The freedom to be, like this Hancock guy on TV that now flaunts his ‘immunity’ and therefore implicitly claims he is better than us even though it is god that gives us immunity not their stupid piece of paper and it is god that decided life or death not those beige covids.

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  1. Thank you for this article of sanity in these most insane of times. I sense that in the future this will be known as the ‘virus-panic times’ on par with the witch-burning times in the past – a period of mass hysteria run out of control that resulted in the death and misery of millions. Perhaps most shocking is the speed and extent that this panic spread. The fear of dying (a natural part of life that comes to us all sooner or later) is being used to create a dystopian hell hole that few of us could have even managed to imagine a few months ago. The only question now is how will it end? All we can do now is continue to speak the truth and organise online to overturn this madness few can escape.

  2. Why don’t you tell us how you really feel?

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