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Confusion Reigns as New Flu Lays Bare Global Incompetence


Our very advanced species seems not very advanced at all as chains upon chains of bureaucracy appear to have enslaved us all.

Trust in governments is set to plunge even further amid wide discrepancies in reported data.

China of course is the easy example. 3,000 fatalities, 80,000 cases, population 1.6 billion. Spain, 130,000 cases, population around 60 million. USA, 300 million people, 300,000 cases, and fatalities there are reported not just by state, but also by local in some cases.

Some 5% mortality rate of confirmed cases in UK. Just 1% in Germany. France has a near 8% mortality rate, of confirmed cases. Turkey about 2%.

These figures are all over the place. Yet they all say they are following ‘science.’ Something of a buzzword you’d think because how can you derive science from these huge variations in reported data.

Science of course is the process that begins with a hypothesis, which is then tested in trial and error experimentation, with it then concluding on what is probable.

Probable, not proven. Bulbs still go off even though maybe they shouldn’t. Planes still crash. Windows 10 still does sometime, though less and less, go blue screen.

I know that I don’t know, is a saying that applied just as much 2,500 years ago as today, save for that I know that I exist because I think, meaning there is such a thing as objectivity, fact, truth, an ‘is.’

And what is here other than politicians engaged in nonsense ‘debates’ with corporate ‘media’ while the medical profession runs around like headless chickens as they ‘follow orders’ and ‘ethical’ committees in an illustration of great incompetence, and global incompetence, when at least some competence would have been very useful.

We are grappling with mortality, some ‘philosopher’ was keen to chat on Newsnight, because presumably no one bothers to think at the age these things are to be thought. At 15 of course, when you can choose to believe that where we are going is merely where we came from.

What we are grappling with instead is the shattering of illusions and a very timely proof of why human kind appears unable to deal with anything.

“The study commences on April 2020 and will run for one year till April 2021,” says some site about some trial from Oxford this time.

We had previously heard of another one which was to take six weeks, again from Oxford. There is one from New York that has been running now for two weeks. And there are many others too, but we so easily forget just what is science, and we are so effectively being reminded of just what it has become.

The Politics of ‘Truth’

It is so often the case that truth has winners and losers, and that those losers can be in very powerful positions, where truth to them is less relevant than whether they are the ones benefiting from it.

We say the word ‘truth’ very easily, but we forget just what it took for many truths to be established, like that the earth revolves around the sun.

It is Aristotle that is held up as some god, when he led Alexander to hell under the very mistaken belief that Nile would circle from Greece, to India, to Egypt.

A very costly mistake that paved the way for the then fall of Greece itself, which though stood up to Rome, ended up in Illyria’s Phyric victory.

As an aside, that ancient Illyria, now modern day Albania, is still paying the cost of it, but a greater cost perhaps was the other truth, Emperor’s Constantine decision to embrace one god, the jewish god of Jesus who metaphorically pretty much murdered the Greek and back then Roman gods with their far more colorful, diverse, and nuanced elucidations on human nature through metaphore.

That decision gradually led to the fall of Rome due to the narrowing of thought and the imposition of the opposite of truth: dictation.

Its cost to human kind can hardly be overstated for it naturally led to the taking away of the highest quality that makes man, his or her ability and willingness to think.

Thus the dark ages followed, a complete collapse driven not by a search for knowledge, but by the desire for power. In this case jewish nationalism dressed in Jesus revelations which amounted to nothing else than stating the Roman Emperor does not dictate, but Jesus does and his followers.

Who did do dictate, slowly and gradually within Rome itself, then throughout Europe until the scientists rose to claim ultimate power.

Like Jesus took the cross, so Copernicus took the fire, with a gradual deconstruction of religion following while the same structure was effectively built, now appealing not to an abstract god, but to a very abstract ‘scientific theory.’

Naturally of course we think ‘but, science,’ as they thought ‘but, god.’ Yet it is men, not ‘science,’ not ‘god.’ It is men and women ‘playing.’

The Enslaving ‘Habit’

Because there is much complexity and much demand on time, it is easier to build on mistakes even at great cost, than to take the effort of re-analyzing the base.

An easy example here would be maths that runs on base 30, like the Mayans, rather than on base 10.

Imagine if we realized base 10 is just too messy, that base 2 would be better or perhaps a new symbol fully. We’d have to change almost anything, and the natural conclusion is you just can’t.

Hence when these healthcare bureaucrats are told their year long trials are stupid, at least in the current circumstances, they are told nothing else than they have to change everything, which naturally they say you just can’t.

There are processes, there are ways of doing things, these are settled matters, and basically thinking is for books not these habit creatures.

So we often build on sand. Even though all know how geopolitics is the devil’s game, for example, that’s now the favorite sport.

It’s just what they’ve always done. How can one possibly demand they think, especially when like Jesus or like ‘scientists’ you can wrap subjectivity into objective ‘teachings.’

It’s 2020, almost everyone shouts, as if they are entitled to advancement, to betterment, something presumably they think comes from the moon, instead of from the considerable struggle between established structures and new ideas.

We all heil scientific experimentation, yet nowadays it’s almost impossible to experiment. Take a genius for example. He or she has a great idea about a drug that probably works. At the earliest he would be around 35 due to needing training and advanced knowledge. He has to spend 10 years to go through the trial for this new drug. His whole life thus dedicated to one experiment.

This applies across the board. Script writers for a movie. Singers. Company founders. Or indeed anyone that wants to take politics.

Experimentation is the way, is what they are told, and yet experimenting is so difficult because of so many requirements that they can’t really experiment.

The best or worst part of it is that for such requirements to be changed one needs the permission of those who have dedicated all their life to enforcing them.

Like Anthony Fauci. We change presidents at most every 8 years, while he has been ruling our health for some 40 years.

How can he imagine a different world? A world where one engages in trial and error, in real time. A world where there is no such thing as ‘proof,’ but only probabilities. A world where there is no universal ‘truth,’ but there is objectivity. A world where he doesn’t decide.

Why should he even care about this new potential world? He won’t live it, like he lived the current one, or more correctly the one now gone. He won’t necessarily benefit from it as he is too old. So why should he care about a better future and exert efforts towards it when his future necessarily is only decline because he is so old.

Why shouldn’t he try his best thus to chain these know nothing young ones who were so stupid to support a president that has these outrageous ideas of doing things differently rather than doing them exactly how Fauci has done them for 40 years.

His youth was good, and of course all that applied then applies now too. Of course we need these year long trials. Science takes time, says thy dictation.

Science. These men have not engaged in science since the penicillin. Bacteria is getting resistant, they keep telling us, but god forbid trying to change that.

Oh, we are trying, we can hear him say. It’s just this one trial might take ten years and you know, there are processes, there are ethics, there are proper ways of doing things, and I DECIDE.

They are so risk averse, they’d rather let a whole basket of eggs come crashing down than risk boiling one egg in a different way.

Change, More Certain Than Even Death

Our government has engaged in war for two decades, and with their return of geopolitics risk even greater war, but now claims the highest of moral grounds. Self house arrest, SAVE LIVES.

Yes, not the same says the refrain, because these lot that sent our grandpas to the trenches care much about 85 year olds in whose name they want to chain all.

The bureaucracy that shortened their life far more is of course not within the view of these bureaucrats, and that includes the elected, chiefly even.

One can’t even remember the last time there was a cure for anything. We mean healthwise, of course, but also more widely.

The last time there were any economic reforms was 40 years ago. Back then they saw trade unions had gone too far and they did something about it. Now we see bureaucracy has gone way too far, and who is suggesting we do something about it?

Instead much is like a broken tape. The BBC, as a very apt example especially because it has secure income directly from taxpayers, willingly decided a couple of years ago to shift to repeats of previously shown programs.

The ‘recommendations’ from Youtube are basically a loop. The Twitter algorithm of choosing by the ‘best’ Tweets is just a repeat showing of the same tweets.

Just like a broken tape starts sounding like a hammer hitting on the head, so too do mantras like ten year old trials or old shows, or looping algorithms.

We need change, for we are tired of hearing how gameable are our elections, with our media laughing at 99% approval rates for Putin, while we are to think 52/48, or in America 48/52, is ‘credible’ and true.

We are in democracy and capitalism we are told, while also we are told there are these unelected bureaucrats at SEC or FDA who decide who you can raise money from or what drug can go through trial and error.

We keep being told of revolving doors or bought out congressmen who still get ‘re-elected,’ and after hopy changy or swampy cleany, we still keep being promised it LIKE A BROKEN TAPE.

Now they’ve found a new thing to keep their same old boring show running, with their lies this time overt, prison in the name of 90 year olds with three illnesses and if you disagree enjoy twitter or google or reddit censorship.

But, there’s a wind of change. The only question is whether it will be led by the pen or something else, and the more important question is whether it will be consensual or more forcefull.

For, there are some thing where man can’t play. There are some things where man is truly chained. The same thing that took down Rome or the priesthood that followed, or Greece before them, or Egypt before them or indeed that sank Atlantis.

The elders must listen, for, they can not be heard anymore as time demands, and uniformly across the globe, a will to be and a dream to become.


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