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Bitcoin, Stocks Turn Bullish as Countries Plan Lifting Restrictions


Bitcoin has continued to rise today to near $7,500 with eth rising about $170 as cryptos appear to think the worst is over.

Stocks likewise have seen green with Dow rising by some 1,000 points to now near 22,700.

Still quite a bit below the near 30,000 that it almost overtook, but futures say it will continue to rise today.

The main reason for this green is probably the fact countries are now announcing exit plans with Austria being the first one to say they will relax measures as early as this Easter.

‘The aim is that from April 14 smaller shops up to a size of 400 square metres, as well as hardware and garden stores are opened again, under strict security conditions of course,” Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said.

Denmark, Germany and many other countries are likely to do the same, while in UK the country is ‘living’ the new flu through the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who after having symptoms for ten days, was admitted into hospital and within 24 hours went into intensive care.

His situation is described as stable and he does not have pneumonia, Downing Street said.

All wish him well and hopefully he will be home by Easter, with restrictions here as well hopefully starting to relax next week because by then it would be more than a month.

The curfew itself has been two weeks, but there were measures before then, with some not going out for any reason for two weeks now which is not very good as obviously you need some clean air.

In America the initial plan was by Easter as well, but now they saying end of the month. New York however should largely follow London, so realistically the situation should be over by Easter.

So hopefully by next week people can relax a bit, and by that we mean they can maybe go out twice a day instead of once, and those that haven’t been out for days or even two weeks can maybe go do some shopping.

Opening barbers would be nice because people need haircuts. Opening some factory production and workplaces also, albeit at reduced activity but at least they’d start moving a bit.

Then pubs and clubs would probably be May, and they need to open too because ultimately dating is very much essential.

Meaning economically maybe this will turn out to not be as bad as we thought because it’s just kind of an unwanted holiday.

Well, unwanted for those that like their jobs. Obviously probably plenty were happy they get paid to stay at home which might explain why there was significant pressure to lockdown, in addition to not wanting hospitals to be overwhelmed, but they’ll probably start getting bored next week as there are only so many movies on Netflix.

So stocks, cryptos, oil too should now start recovering as gradually Europe starts opening next week with all this then hopefully to be forgotten like that bizarre Iran episode that opened they year.


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