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Sweden Proves Lockdowns Don’t Work


In the only A/B experiment that provides us all real data instead of esoteric predictions based on super subjective models, there is now concrete evidence that lockdowns don’t work.

Sweden is the only European country to not impose curfews and house arrests on its own people, and they’re actually doing better than other countries in both new cases and fatalities.

Sweden has twice the population of Norway, yet has only a couple of thousand cases more than Norway.

Their altitude and much of the rest is pretty much the same, as is the case for Denmark as well.

Both Norway and Denmark have imposed curfews which they are to relax early next week, while Sweden has kept even bars and clubs open.

As these three countries are on the same climate and altitude, logically there can’t be a case here of Sweden being behind or ahead, thus this is giving us real world data.

Far more striking is fatalities. Switzerland, which has a population of 8.5 million, has reported significantly more deaths than Sweden’s population of 10 million.

Belgium’s population of 11 million for some reason has far more deaths from this new flu even though they’ve imposed curfews.

So these lockdowns basically don’t work and they’re clearly completely pointless with justification on their necessity based on complete lies as Scotland for example goes so far as to include “deaths where the virus was a probable contributing factor,” according to BBC.

Probable and just a ‘contributing’ factor. Making this more esoterics of maybe, perhaps, could have, you never know, but we’ll report it as fact that it was from this new flu.

What is a probable fact is that for young people especially, and by that we mean anyone under 50, these curfews may lead to a spike in drug abuse and alcohol abuse and even deaths because they’re bored and they have nothing to do.

These esotericists didn’t ‘model’ how many lives the curfews may cost, while politicians claim they are ‘following science’ when esotericism and subjective ‘predictions’ is not science, is Nostradamus.

And second, these are highly political decisions because domestic violence and many other hardships are spiking while 702 out of the 758 deaths reported for UK are 70+ and that’s even with these fake statistics where they report as new flu cases that have one or more serious illnesses.

In UK they’re now not even going to review the lockdown on Monday as they promised, while in Italy they’ve extended these ‘temporary measures’ further to May.

All of this when there is zero evidence lockdowns work, and there is clear evidence as is being shown by Sweden not only that they don’t work, but that they make the situation worse. Both healthwise and in regards to the plunging economy.

Furthermore cases are falling in UK as the number of people aged 20-69 reporting symptoms has fallen from 1.9 million to 1.4 million across the UK, according to analysis of data from the Symptom Tracker app, says Sky News.

So that’s 3.5 million from just this app. Obviously most don’t even know this app exists, so probably 30 million have gone through this and thus there should now be herd immunity.

It is of course that herd immunity that ends this new flu because it acts as a vaccine, not these lockdowns which clearly are having no effect at all as shown by the evidence from Sweden as well as Japan where curfews were also not implemented and the situation there seems to be better, not worse.

So there should be an urgent review of the situation, based on actual science, based on real world facts, not predictions by Nostradamuses who now take up all the TV screen even though evidence clearly shows they were very wrong because the countries who did not lockdown seem to have done better.

The probable explanation for that is very simple. Young people are most likely to go out for work and other activities, while those 70+ are retired so they generally stay at home.

Young people thus, and by that we mean anyone 50 and under or even 60 and under, are more likely to catch this and so get immunity.

As such, the transmission eventually stops when enough get it, and since without curfews it is more likely young people get it, you have less cases and fatalities in the at risk group.

While evidence suggests curfews actually increase the rate of new cases because people are stuck indoors and therefore are more likely to interact and so spread it to those at risk.

So our governments may have made a huge mistake based on esoteric predictions which seem to be rebuffed by actual real world evidence of the effects of lockdowns.

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  1. As Löfven said, they’re simply in a different phase of the outbreak and are currently bracing for a surge. You’re comparing apples to oranges here.

    1. How can they be the only ones at a different stage while surrounded by lockdown countries.

      This is the most apples to apples comparison ever, unlike your nonsense predictions based on nothing.

  2. What a load of total nonsense !

    1. explain pls .. which part don’t you agree with ?

  3. Lockdowns are doing more harm than the virus itself and will leave people with economic and psychiatric problems, not to mention the increase in suicides number.

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