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The Easter of Hope


After the sun reaches its lowest point on the 23rd of December, its return on the 25th is the most universal celebration of all peoples, albeit under different names like the New Year or Christmas.

It is during easter, however, that the power of the sun rises, and is felt, as crops begin to grow.

That usually leads to a mass migration as the forests and fields come to life. Also as Romanians or Bulgarians make their way to Germany or France to pick from earth what has been given to us aplenty.

Easter is usually seen as the younger brother of Christmas, but this year we are reminded so clearly why this tradition is so cherished.

That young man pictured above, running on the beach, is being cheered across the world as nature’s own way of celebrating life.

The chariots of fire may too be the hymn of this easter as a reminder of our long traditions of freedom and liberty, as well as of our own human nature of running against the wind.

“I’d rather it was raining this weekend,” a politician said. We however could not be more joyous of the blessings of god that has sent us this most beautiful sunshine.

A sunshine that strengthens the body, and its love for life, and cleans the air with the oxygen of flowers.

It is a reminder of course that it is god that gives us immunity, and life, and now that we probably are considerably past the peak, may we console many by saying: may we live.

It is easy to forget why since man began to think he has found the need for god. A need shared across all civilizations, past and present, for it gives strength in uncertainty and courage to continue with life.

To not dwell on what ifs, to not fall pray to fear, to not follow false prophets that preach doom, but to find solace in the giver of life and hope.

Just when that is most needed, our churches have been closed. It is not for us to tell priests anything, or communities, but the governments of men have no say over the house of god.

As we see soldiers chasing young men for the sin of running, we are reminded of the crucial role civil society has to play, a role partially filled by the church or other houses of worship.

For though they too can abuse power, they can also balance it. And the government has abused its power very considerably by openly lying to the people in attributing to new flu the passing of some primarily due to old age or other serious illnesses.

In the process they have shut down the freedom of assembly, they have shut down the freedom to worship, contrary to the constitution and the rights of men.

If this was something serious, then we would all know as they would have acted normally. Instead they lie by misattributing statistics, or by testing only those ill and in hospital, then coming up with extrapolations from that.

Unintentionally presumably as the civil service has become far too beige, too stifled by selecting based on class rather than merit.

Too incompetent in claiming science is based on predictions rather than real world data which clearly show these assaults on liberty are having as good as no effect on the progression of this new flu.

So easter brings the hope that the curfews, and in Italy martial law, will now end as we turn our attention to life and its celebration, and also to love in this beautiful spring.

May we also pray the great peace, where even in Yemen now guns have gone silent, continues for a millennium or more.

And that the great prosperity becomes even greater, and that our liberties are strengthened, and that our traditions are upheld, in time of peace or time of war. A poem, our very own:

The days have come,
o to awaken,
to see the being heeeereeee,
and so to breath, the freshest air,
upon this blue lageeeen.

The time has come to banish devils,
and from our mind send them away.
Enough of hell, enough of hellers,
the time to dream is here o men.

The time so perfect, stars aliggneedddd,
for a spiritual awaknin,
the shattered mind wrap has come down,
viva la france,

O be o you imprisoned lot,
not by gun pen or code,
but by something spirital,
by the aair of Gabrial.

O rise o rise you fallen people,
and lift your chests, and lift your heads,
the era of the gold is heeeeere,
the sun too greets in cheer.

Oo rise from danub and huan,
mongol, ruski, american,
empera makaran,
and the crown prince in arab land.

O see thy heavens, see the stars,
and see the pleasure of the time,
and so just be a buttterfly,
away from chains of caterpillaaaaaaaaaa.

O beat o beat the drums you man,
and dance there in fairy land,
for too we shall come and join heaven,
in this most green and pleasant land.


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