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“NHS Not Overwhelmed” Says Health Secretary as Calls Rise to Ease the Lockdown


“The goal of keeping NHS capacity above demand has been achieved,” and “the curve is starting to come down.”

So said Matt Hancock, the British health secretary, in the latest briefing this Easter Sunday.

Across Great Britain 19,000 have been admitted to hospital, he said. This is up by only 3,000 in five days, meaning hospital admissions are falling as it used to be at 1,000 a day, while now it’s at around 600.

There’s a lag in reported data by about 5 days as testings are done and then there’s a lag in how long it takes for common cold symptoms to become more serious for generally the very elderly.

Meaning new cases are now very much down as the peak of the spread was probably last weekend, but they’ve expanded testing in a move that pretty much copies China even though Boris Johnson accused China of lying.

The British Prime Minister is now back at home after spending just three days in intensive care.

There are nearly 3,000 spare intensive care units, Hancock said, and the UK is succeeding more in each passing day to provide the best care as NHS capacity is above demand.

British hospitals therefore have not been overwhelmed. London is also stabilizing, with speculations the capital might be first to see an easing of restrictions.

That’s perhaps because other cities do not have underground tube, and train travel is less common than for London. Thus it has spread earlier and more in the capital, so potentially reaching that herd immunity.

There will be a new NHS app, the health secretary said. The app will send alerts to other app users who one might have been near. The data will only be used for NHS care and research and they will publish the source code.

They’re currently testing this app where you put in symptoms, with the aim presumably seeing just how many have gone through it, and that at what stage of herd immunity we are.

A bit late for that you’d think as plenty have gone through it for the past four months already, but the question in everyone’s mind is when will this end.

Endless Lockdowns?

There’s apparently a debate on whether the lockdown should end on the 5th of May or the 25th of May with the British government providing no clarity whatever on what on earth is their plan.

The three weeks may now become two months and some even say two years as concerns grow over a potential coordinated power grab that has suspended democracy and even the constitution.

In the latest sign of it, they claiming 90% support these measures, just as 90% support Kim Kong-un in North Korea.

In reality you’d expect less uniformity in light of many countries not imposing lockdowns and still managing fine.

“The Swedish authorities, who have kept their shops and schools open, point out that it is the rest of Europe, rather than they, who are conducting an experiment: mass quarantine has never been tried before,” says Daniel Hannan, an influential conservative journalist and politician.

He further adds that according to the UK Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Strategy, drafted in more cool-headed times: “It will not be possible to halt the spread of a new pandemic influenza virus, and it would be a waste of public health resources and capacity to attempt to do so.”

Arguably they haven’t quite tried to halt the spread as they allowed it to spread for months, and if they have tried to halt it they have clearly failed as it’s been three weeks of lockdown now and they’re saying the peak is two weeks away.

In addition as the NHS has been coping very well, the measures may have been far too strict and too unsophisticated to the point they may have caused significant unnecessary damage to millions of households.

It’s not clear for example why twenty or thirty something individuals living in a household with other twenty thirty somethings, should be under the same measures as individuals in a household with the elderly.

You’d expect the latter to care about their own grandmothers or mothers far more than the government where it appears every single one of these politicians seem to have gotten it.

Yet where young households are concerned, the greater worry for them might be providing for themselves or their young family.

In addition it is not clear why someone should not be able to pick crops on the farm while keeping distance, or why young people shouldn’t be able to get a haircut from young barbers.

The government claims they want a clear simple message to ensure most compliance, but considering the contradictory evidence as provided by Sweden, Japan and other countries, it’s not clear why there can’t be a more sophisticated approach.

By opening some places for example, maybe under reduced activity but at least they move, instead of damaging the health of the entire nation as exercise is down because gyms are fully closed rather than operating like supermarkets.

Then when one hears talks of two years one can’t help but suspect ulterior motives, because they keep doing this sort of thing every two decades. Terrorizing people over nukes, then war on ‘terr,’ now war on “invisibility.”

And Generation X in particular seems to love it, as appears to be the case with the British Murdoch media which appears to be cheering on for this thing even as their ad rates plunge and they stand on the verge of bankruptcy.

They also keep pushing this. First no lockdown, then house arrest for three weeks, now maybe for three months, Spain says no beach even during summer, maybe we gone do this every six month say some “experts.”

The same experts that told us Iraq had WMDs, presumably. We all know what that did to labour though, so if conservatives want to see themselves wiped out in the real poll, and if Boris Johnson wants to be the new Tony Blair, they can continue denying fit and healthy people who are not at risk the right to make bread.

There are people who have been stranded for months as they’re caught in the middle of this. The British government has tried to repatriate plenty, but they’re ruining lives and dreams through this primitive approach of locking everyone, instead of taking a far more sophisticated approach based on the evidence and also based on the natural reliance that people will want to protect their own health.

So the principle that the government should limit freedom to the minimum necessary should continue to apply for the same reasons it has always applied.

The government simply doesn’t know better than the individual. Nor does the government care more for people’s health than people do for their own health.

To prove that is simple. All these TV people got it, and while they tell us to stay at home they themselves go to BBC’s offices during question time or other shows with three individuals there instead of two because their rules are for us, not for themselves.

On what basis should someone not go to their own second home, for example? And no one in corporate media is even asking these questions fully. When they do, these politicians just authoritatively shut them up, acting as if normal rules of accountability do not apply, instead of explaining why are soldiers chasing young men out for a run.

Two months, two years, it’s taken two decades for this war on terr nonsense, now we have to deal with even more authoritarian measures based on some hypothetical possibility of going back to where we all came from.

As they’re copying China however you’d expect them to start relaxing measures especially seeing NHS is coping fine. So we may see a more gradual opening because exercising in a gym is essential for good health, as is getting a haircut, or going to see your family abroad which some may have not seen for years.

It is also essential we get on to producing to sustain this 8 billion population which can’t be fed by printed paper money if crops are not turned into bread, the thing that actually feeds.

Not least because supermarkets apparently now have no eggs. Even the local shop has run out of eggs on this Easter Sunday.

The longer this continues the more things might run out, and the more people will starve, arguably very unnecessarily because there are ways of managing this which both minimizes health damage while also minimizing food damage.

That is by starting to open production at a reduced rate this week, gradually increasing, especially where those under 50 are concerned.

And young people not living with elderly individuals should be able not only to run on the beach, but also swim in it.

To concerns about how to enforce that, well you can’t enforce any of this anyway as it is obviously self compliance and people are complying in Britain and fully.

So it is time for a more sophisticated approach that strikes a better balance and saves more lives than this primitive way of addressing a potential illness for the very elderly which hospitals are managing and very well.

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