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R is Below 1 Says Chief, But New PM Says “Long Way to Go” While Germany Prepares to Open Up


Community transmission has fallen below one according to Sir Patrick Vallance, the Government Chief Scientific Adviser. Meaning this is no longer spreading at the general public level, but it may still be spreading in hospitals.

The new Prime Minister, however, Dominic Raab, said UK has “not past the peak,” and that the government “won’t make any changes.”

He was referring to the peak in death numbers, a massively lagging indicator that is very much detached from the spread level.

That’s because people have to first get this, then it takes ten days for the second stage, then hospital admission, testing, intensive care, and then for an overall very small number, they depart.

That whole process takes at least a month and probably even longer, but in the latest sign the government is not being upfront with the people, Raab did not state what are the number of hospital admissions as of today, which have been falling for the past five days.

In the live stream they refer to some charts which are not shown on the video, with the stream coming from Downing Street itself.

There they do show the number of hospital admissions, but only to a select few corporate journalists, instead of to the public.

Unless thus Raab forgot to spell out the hospital admissions number, which is the only real objective measure of the spread, you would think they might have not stated it because it has gone down.

That number too lags, so if they are falling then the public spread has dropped to now almost none, which is what Vallance said, except of course in places where you can’t lockdown, like in hospitals.

It’s not clear how many caught this in hospital. As in how many were already admitted and then got it and passed.

We suspect by using simple logic that it would be quite a lot, if not perhaps even the majority because this is most damaging to those very ill already.

In Germany it looks like they’re starting to open up with a German state paper stating:

“Leopoldina, the German National Academy of Sciences, said the government could begin to safely reopen some schools while still observing hygiene rules. Stores and restaurants could also be reopened, if social distancing regulations are strictly enforced.” That’s by April 19, this Sunday.

In UK however the government continues to refuse to even answer the question of when we might expect a relaxation of the lockdown at least in a gradual way and for the pretty much immune demographics who in half of cases don’t even get a common cold.

That’s while there is no parliament in Britain as it stands. They tell everyone to work from home, but for themselves they can’t even set up a conference call.

Even here in this briefing, journalists kept being cut off. Virtual ethereum dev calls with people around the world happen every week without any problems, as do in many industries, but in Downing Street itself they can’t even set up this, let alone run the country.

Boris Johnson of course has taken leave, very coincidentally so absolving him of any responsibility, and paralyzing the country.

That’s while Sweden never imposed severe restrictions, and they seem to be doing fine. In UK too hospitals are managing very well, far above demand, yet the new Prime Minister basically says don’t even think about hoping for an end to eggs running out of shops, even chips are now running out of local shops, let alone supermarkets where lines stretch and stretch.

Have these “immunized people” even gone to see what’s happening on the ground. Or is it all just theatre for them, with their private chefs still making them the best of dinners while the rest wonder whether even bread will run out.

And they keep talking about this second wave. If there’s a second wave it would be fully the government’s fault for not sticking to long established science and the original plan to let a very mild new flu run its course as there’s nothing you can do about it.

Instead of locking up young people with their grandmothers, so putting the most at risk group at most risk, they should have and should trust the great British public to do the right thing for their own health, and their own families.

This all though is starting to sound like theatre, with this new flu more of a pretext as the government needed to find a new enemy to control the people and now they’ve come up with a ‘war’ on invisibility itself.

Dum donkeys who can’t even run a conference call, and we all thought the British are sophisticated and advanced, when four months on they can’t even deal with a flu without ruining the life of everyone.

All we hear instead is “this is the most important week.” That was said last week. Every week and every day is important in all circumstances, but we’ve been hearing this for more than a month now.

In before April 2030: not yet peak, we getting there, don’t let off, we’d lose all the sacrifice, this is most important week now, we doing it for you, for the greater good, and if you don’t have bread try cake, try eating paper money that we’re now giving out like candy because we all have not seen Venezuelans throw out that paper like the trash it can be.

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