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Billionaire is Raising $450 Million to Invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum


Andreessen Horowitz

Andreessen Horowitz, one of the biggest Venture Capitalist firm registered as a financial advisor, is looking to raise $450 million to invest in cryptos.

The Coinbase backer, which has also invested in a number of crypto companies and even tokens, registered with the Securities and Exchanges (SEC) last year to allow them to invest directly in what they call protocols, like bitcoin or eth or even MakerDAO.

Now they are “aiming to raise $450m for a second cryptocurrency investment fund, two people briefed on the matter said, deepening the venture capital firm’s commitment to the sector as the global coronavirus outbreak rattles start-up investors,” says FT.

It’s not clear what exactly they plan to do with all this money, but the intentional crashing of economies by governments across the world has significantly lowered the price of many assets to the point WTI Oil reached $20, a dream price just a few months ago.

Ethereum likewise is down 5% over last year and close to halved in price since March when dum Italy decided to martial law over some flu.

So already rich people or entities like Horowitz can now scoop up all these cheap assets to then presumably flip them eventually once the economy recovers especially in light of mass money printing and huge government borrowing that may significantly lower trust in fiat systems.

Presidents and Prime Ministers however do not seem to care much. From Macron to Raab, their message seems to be endless lockdowns.

While Merkle goes on philosophizing about R 1.1 or R 1.2 and how it might affect the 20,000 ICU beds they have in Germany when there is no hard data of even what is the mortality rate, which appears to be about 0.1% or less and even then just for the very elderly or those with serious illnesses.

In the midst of this we all look at Swedes eating out, going on as normal, while still managing to handle it even better than most of these locked down nations.

Number one used to be said about America, but for at least a decade now Sweden has been top of the ranking. The reason presumably being they are the last free people, while in the rest of Europe and in America bureaucracy has pretty much undertaken a coup that will turn our economies into communism.

This intentional crashing of economies moreover, with some saying it may be the worst collapse since the 1700s, is likely to accelerate further the descent and regression into a two class society: the rich and the rest.

The middle class is now the poor class, living on government handouts like beggars, with unemployment claims in the United States rising to 22 million.

The apparent disregard by the ‘elected’ for this cataclysmic and catastrophic impoverishment of everyone and this whipping out of prosperity is a clear reminder that the government has gotten too big, too powerful and too unaccountable.

They are indeed moving to take absolute power, to take equity in pretty much every company, turning the free market into a state run command economy like the Soviet Union.

And just as in the Soviet Union, never before seen totally white ambulances zig zag through the streets of London.

British ambulances of course have those yellow squares, while those totally white ambulances are the hallmark of totalitarianism and dictatorship.

In this atmosphere, where central bankers are taking over the economy, cryptos are now the last bastion of freedom for asset investment.

They may thus begin to attract a lot more funding as unlike everything else that is being fully, openly, and massively manipulated, cryptos are still a ‘natural’ open space of peer to peer trade.


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  2. Excellent news for those who read and have faith in Bitcoin and Ethereum. Hallam Hope in always sunny Barbados.

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