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America on the Verge of Dictatorship as Protest Organizer Charged While Politics Finally Returns


The land of the free and the home of the brave is witnessing the first overtly political criminal charge in living memory.

Kim Pagan, of Toms River, N.J., the organizer of a protest against New Jersey’s curfew, was charged Friday following a protest in front of the New Jersey Statehouse in Trenton.

That makes it the first time in living memory that an American has been charged in USA for organizing a peaceful protest.

It also comes at the same time as world leaders line up to condemn China’s arrest of 14 organizers of the Free Hong Kong protests.

Making this a clear reminder of just how close to China like authoritarianism America and Europe now finds itself with pushback growing as Americans finally take to the street.

“Flatten the Fear,” is the winner for today, with protesters showing that American wit as for the first time they are called to stand for liberty in their own lands.

Stephen Moore, a member of President Donald Trump’s council to reopen the country, said he has spoken to donors who will “pay the bail and legal fees” of any protester.

That marks this the return of politics, finally, after two months of decrees and arguably unconstitutional orders that copied authoritarian China to the dot.

As an aside, China seems to have way too little affected cities for a natural occurring virus, with western leaders accusing them of lying.

As have Chinese people themselves. A Chinese official was heckled back in March on a visit to Wuhan with a video showing Chinese residents shouting “fake, fake, it’s all fake!”

Sufficient data has now gather to show they may not be too wrong with the flu season last year hospitalizing 800,000 individuals, leading to 60,000 deaths.

This flu has led to just 300,000 hospitalized in total in USA, and far less deaths of about 20,000, with 90% of them being very elderly and already usually very ill.

Reports in addition are suggesting hospitals in Florida are half empty, with doctors now more concerned about people fearing the hospital than this flu.

In UK there’s plenty of capacity at NHS, with hospitalization rates continuing to fall as sunny spring greets Britain and as the experts confirm this is no longer spreading at the general public level.

Yet in London as in many other US states they have extended the curfews and house arrests without any good justification while Boris Johnson leaves the country without a parliament as he enjoys his holiday in the country side.

This narrative of 90% approval is now being challenged as Americans finally say enough, while Brits limit themselves to bringing down stupid 5G towers with no protests in Europe as far as we are aware.

This conformity in Europe may be due to controlled media with no one giving a counter-narrative, unlike Fox for example in USA.

In UK instead all broadcasting outlets are state parrots or left to far left, with the Guardian in particular excelling at peaking the fear.

Brits however are more aware of their media bias due to how it handled Brexit with all those lying polls of 55% for EU. Americans woke up to the scripted media during the election and it’s aftermath, while Holland follows these two fairly closly.

Italy instead believes the propaganda far too much with the government there becoming so draconian they arrested that man pictured above for the sin of being on his own in the sun.

An astonishing video has come out of Italy of drones circling around, with police – they’re immune of course – ordering people to leave parks and places even if they are on their own doing no harm to anyone.

This tyranny was predicted by the Rockefeller Foundation all the way back in 2010 when they suggested a pandemic could lead to a very unfree world with the state becoming dictatorial and remaining so long after the pandemic is gone.

The general accuracy of this document by the Rockefeller Foundation which has many bankers on its board and said the pandemic would come from wild geese, raises further questions regarding where exactly did this flu really originate?

We’ll probably learn in half a century because arguably no one really cares as it is becoming very clear this is milder than even ordinary flu.

And thus the measures imposed are unjustifiable and should be lifted immediately because if these people want dictatorship, they can go to China.

These policemen flying those drones and wearing those dehumanizing masks, in addition, should look in the mirror because it has long been established that just following orders is not an excuse.

The government does not and will never care more about our health than people do for their own health, so if individuals do not want to risk going out or to work, they can stay home and get home delivery.

The rest however should not be limited in contravention of the constitution and that most ancient document of Magna Carta because legally the government does not even have the power to do so and thus their decrees or laws are unenforceable as they are secondary to the constitution.

Meaning anyone who gives orders to arrest people may be subject to lawsuit where in court the question would turn to proportionality with an independent judiciary likely to find the restriction of movement under the current circumstances is highly disproportionate – especially for anyone fit and under 70 – and thus illegal.

And even for older people, it’s their life at the end of the day, their choice especially now that it has become clear this ‘overwhelmed hospitals’ narrative was a complete lie with just 19,000 admitted in the whole of the United Kingdom.


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