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Suspicion Grows Over Government’s Real Intentions as Sweden Says They’ve Turned a Corner


Evidence keeps growing the government has lied to the people with it now at the standard of proof as Sweden says they have reached a plateau.

“We’re on a sort of plateau,” Anders Tegnell, the architect behind Sweden’s relatively relaxed response to the new flu, told Swedish news agency TT.

“The trend we have seen in recent days, with a more flat curve — where we have many new cases, but not a daily increase — is stabilizing,” Karin Tegmark Wisell, head of the microbiology department at Sweden’s Public Health Authority, said on Friday. “We are seeing the same pattern for patients in intensive care.”

The latest data shows Sweden has way fewer fatalities than Belgium which has the same population size of around 10 million.

Some 5,700 deaths have been reported for Belgium, while Sweden has just 1,500 despite keeping even their bars and clubs open.

This indicates what everyone suspected. The lockdown has no positive effect because the flu was spreading for three or four months before the lockdowns were impossed.

In addition once the lockdowns were imposed they forced it to spread a lot quicker within the household, and thus to the most vulnerable group.

Plus, the Italian Prime Minister criticized Italian hospitals initially for mismanaging the infection as the initial hospital was the chief spreader.

So we suspect most of these reported deaths are probably individuals who were already in hospital with other illnesses and were not infected before going into hospital, but got the infection after being admitted.

As we all know by now they are putting down any death by any cause that happens to have this flu, as being caused by this flu under the basis of “probably” or a “contributing factor.”

So they’re lying and very openly with governments now talking about easing restrictions in mid June or autumn or not lifting them at all until some vaccine.

Tobias Ellwood, chairman of the British Commons Defence Select Committee, said:

“My concern has been that there has been a clarion call for an exit strategy when the Government must make clear there is no exit from this until a vaccine is procured and delivered to a sizeable proportion of the population, therefore the longevity of this needs to be managed.”

Just as suspected thus, they’re trying to make the temporary as permanent under a superfluous excuse with Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College University, likewise stating we should expect house arrest for months on end. But why?

Working Theory of Covids

Just like with their march towards the Iraq War under plain lies, so too currently no one believes a thing they are saying.

To make sense therefore we have to look at what was happening, and most relevant are two facts. The global protests on one hand, and the China-US tensions on the other.

As you all know 2019 opened with the French on the streets, followed then by pretty much the whole world. The people were demanding more say because they accused the government of having one law for the rich, and another for everyone else.

This fake flu and authoritarianism is most likely a direct response to that uprising, with the government so making it clear they are not open to peaceful reforms or accountability.

Then there’s the China-US trade war and currency war, with Trump personally hit directly as reports suggest he has lost $1 billion from all this.

The left is cheering on for the flu, and the more left they are, the louder their cheerleading as Corbinistas and commies jerk off to everybody now relying on handouts.

Making this thus a very powerful alignment of three very different forces that share one goal, subjugation of a free peoples.

You can easily imagine in those secret briefings leaders were told that of course the flu is all bullshit, but it gives them an excuse to get rid of any protests or resistance to their government and its agenda.

Leaders in the left behind closed doors most probably discussed the opportunity of denying Trump the economical boasting rights, and thus of taking power.

The badly defeated left in Britain must have been utterly bitter to see the public so fully reject their communism, and thus at some level they must be feeling glee at this now forced communism.

While that Neil Ferguson comes across as a Svengali, playing with his models and predicting doom in a modern form of witchcraft that has thrown a spell on both the British and US government. Both of whom were following Sweden’s approach before this witch came to mesmerize them.

Have you seen this guy talk? He comes across as a gestapo, with his signature way of curling his lips that so brings us to China.

Only fools underestimate what once was the centre of the world, where paper money was invented, a great mistake that even Russia is now beginning to realize as they wonder why on earth are they focusing on harmless Europe which never managed to invade them, while propping up the mongols that subjugated them for centuries.

The music coming out of China, and in english, is atrocious. In one video they have a white man tied up and looking like a zombie, who is then enslaved.

That’s what they are propagating in english. Imagine what goes on within their own firewalls.

Making all this a debut for China as a sort of alternative superpower with countries now perhaps even having to choose between the West and China as the latter shows its potential influence to even fool western leaders.

It is said there are more British spies in America, and more American spies in Germany, than all western spies combined in China.

We may or may have not fully made up only the above paragraph because it is more to make a point. Can we even see China?

While China of course has the talent program with 7,000 top scientists and experts from the west who sign secret contracts with the Chinese government and get paid more in a month by the Chinese government than our own government pays them in a year.

Is this Ferguson guy one of these spies? We’re not in that business so we have to assume not, unless our boys bring out evidence to the contrary, but his advice and his approach is highly suspicious, and obviously so, to anyone with an analytic ability.

So why then is he being listened to by the dumb blond Boris Johnson? Well because Johnson is not listening to him but to the corporate media, like the Guardia which claimed eight million and just in UK might die from this rubbish flu.

Johnson’s approach therefore understandably has been to go to Winchester, have a pint, and wait for all this to blow over as the enforcement of conformity was so effective, it is a bit astounding.

Now however that’s all what seems like years ago. Anger has replaced fear and fully. Hong Kong politicians did afterall suddenly stop this bullshit just after a hospital got bombed there, with no casualties caused but enough fireworks to get the message out.

As did that train driver who obviously presumably knew he could not quite hit the Navy hospital ship, but still got the message out that there is an attempt, perhaps by foreign influences, to make the free west kneel.

Likewise for all those 5G tower bombings, which succeeded in bringing the message fully home and in changing the narrative again without any casualties, for anyone of mind would wonder why would anyone risk so much if there was not a high reason behind it.

And so then the environment where finally at least Americans can show the right to protest is not a given right, but a natural right of men, an inalienable right.


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