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Protests Spread to Germany, Russia, Israel, India, Brazil, Riots Break Out in France


The world is rising with thousands gathered in Berlin, Dresden and other German cities to protest against what some are now calling tyranny.

Incredible footage shows heavy handed treatment by the police, with a woman dragged shouting in an echo: Hitler, Hitler!

Three police officers wearing dehumanizing masks drag a man into a van with some force while keeping no social distance.

Berlin protests against tyranny, April 2020
Berlin protests against tyranny, April 2020
Ain zvain policaaaaiiiiiiiii, uno dias venga drias Berlinas
Ain zvain policaaaaiiiiiiiii, uno dias venga drias Berlinas

In Israel they were forced to wear masks which an American protester described as symbolizing your loss of free speech.

They were also forced to keep “social distancing” of an arbitrary two meters with protest organizers required to mark spots where protesters can stand.

All very much reminiscent of well known tactics by dictators who ask people to do arbitrary things just so that they’re constantly reminded they are under tyranny.

The March of Madness, April 2020
The March of Madness, Israel April 2020

In India there was no distancing. Packed crowds with scattered masks stood instead shoulder to shoulder in a clear rejection of diktats.

No controlled river here, April 2020
No controlled river here, April 2020

Russia too is joining the world in protest. Between 500 to 1,500 Russians participated in North Ossetia.

So showing just how much of the world has descended into being ruled by decrees under the excuse of what now a study confirms is actually just a flu.

That study’s findings also leads to the conclusion that all of New York has already got this, as has London and other cities, making these measures useless as Sweden continues to prove.

Can you figure out who undercover cop by if they wear mask Ruskis?
Can you figure out who undercover cop by if they wear mask Ruskis?

Just to show how we’re no longer a democracy, the president of Brazil led a protests against the lockdown in his own country.

They have a presidential system so you’d think it’s his job to decide this stuff, but nowadays every janitor in some local council rules by decrees like those ancient kings our forefathers kicked out.

That's the Brazilian president? Thought he looked like Hitler
That’s the Brazilian president? Thought he looked like Hitler

In France, riots? broke out after claims of police abuse in their enforcement of the lockdown, with videos showing what look more like protesters instead of rioters countering loud noises from the police with fireworks.

That’s very much reminiscent of the yellow vests protests that opened last year when usually very fit young men engaged in non violent battles with police every week.

The French Way, April 2020
The French Way, April 2020

In America protests have spread to 20 states with communists trying very hard to make it a left or right issue, but in many of the countries above no politics can be claimed except for that of liberty vs tyranny.

Alleged healthcare workers apparently held counter protests, raising the obvious question of why are they not providing actual health care in hospital, or otherwise why are they not staying at home if they agree so much with tyranny.

The probable answer is because hospitals are actually half empty with nurses dancing on China’s Tik Tok as well as outside hospitals. Just to put things in perspective, here’s a 2018 report from CNBC:

“A recent Johns Hopkins study claims more than 250,000 people in the U.S. die every year from medical errors. Other reports claim the numbers to be as high as 440,000.”

It is these facts and many others that are raising eyebrows in regards to this continued imposition of house arrests and even more so in regards to suggestions this may go on and on.

Their narrative is now they don’t want to risk a second wave, a threat so held over the public which can be applied not just for months or years, but for decades.

These protests however may grow into a movement to demand a jury house to sit alongside the other two houses of parliament so that we are never told again that 90% agree with something we all know is bullshit.

Just like with the Iraq War, but Generation X is called Generation No-name for a reason.

Millennials have already lost two decades, far, far too much. We can not lose even one day more let alone years or decades as these donkeys keep telling lions.

A Citizens Assembly, more descriptively called a jury house, can give ordinary people some proper representation in their own governance in a way that is not easily gamable as we have just seen with Sanders stolen his nomination twice now, and this time without even a vote.

That shows just how corrupt and ineffective the party system has become, but that game can stay. All that would be needed to prevent this tendency towards dictatorship is to add a third house where ordinary people, our mums and dads instead of these billionaires or Bullingdon clubers, where ordinary people have a say in our own governance.

For we have all just seen how easily they can pretend the constitution is just words or some old document when it is rights long won and natural rights that were not given by anyone but were taken by our forefathers.

Rights that no one is going to give up for what some are now calling a plandemic, and rights that in fact need extending with a jury house.

For these people want no football, no concerts, no holidays, no dancing, full puritanism, until August they saying, and we all know in August they’ll say next year, with attempts now to make this police state as some sort of ordinary reality.

All they need to do is wait for our children to grow up, and then it always was a dictatorship, with only tales remaining of a time when we were free, just as now only tales remain of the peaceful 90s when the government was our servant, not master.

They want that fear factor everywhere in visible masks, with some western countries going so far as to make them compulsory, and they now talking about bringing this down so low they can track and trace, when just a few weeks ago they said it would be impossible as you’d have to track every person in the world.

The point however is not quite getting rid of this flu, but scaring people even in their own homes with astronaut suits to “test” despite rumors these “tests” infect people with the flu.

Hence why they’re now all on the street everywhere to demand an end to tyranny and an extension of our freedom to proper representation of ordinary people in congress and parliament.


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