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The Elected Fiddle While the West Burns


Western governments have become paralyzed, numbed by an irrational fear which appears to have grinned to a halt the operations of the civil services and much of the west.

From Sicily to Alabama, a denial of facts appears like a badge of honor for some, even in leadership positions.

Instead an escape of sorts to some imaginary world seems prevalent, where what long has been over is still something unfolding.

In Italy, now entering its third month into madness, they are not even beginning to think about how to tell the people that all this has long gone and that most are now immune, with this escape to some dystopia thus over.

Carl Heneghan, a Clinical Epidemiologist and practicing doctor from Oxford University, told Newsnight the peak of spreading in London was reached a week before the lockdown.

That raised the obvious question of what was the point of the lockdowns, with Heneghan saying Sweden was managing fine despite no authoritarian restrictions with it having far fewer fatalities than lockdowned Belgium despite the same size population.

That’s the chart of fatalities in UK. It peaked on April 8th, two weeks ago, with this being the most lagging indicator, and with UK generally being behind the rest of Europe.

That means where the spread is concerned, it is now at very much zero. It is over.

So why are Brits being asked to stay locked for another two weeks? How is the rest of Europe, which is far ahead, in any way justifying the continuation of this most dangerous situation where people are terrified from goin to hospital due to potentially serious non flu related illnesses, and where more deaths have been caused by the government imposing these curfews than any flu?

How do these people watch oil drop to minus $40, and still tell everyone they should remain locked indoors when all facts suggest this is long over?

The Straussian Coup

Our bureaucracies, which hold the real power, have been bewitched by a subjectivist student of fascist Nietzsche, Leo Strauss, who gave a certain elite the justification for usurping democracy and the will of the people in favor of secretive rule by a few “initiated” ones.

Their power has only grown since the opening of the millennium, and now it is very much in the open with the imposition of puritanism following a clear coup, albeit hopefully only temporary.

They believe the masses need fear, and an “enemy.” Peace to them is degenerative. Fooling the people is also part of their doctrine. Lies are truth to these skull worshipers.

They know they are weak, but they also know a coordinating group, especially with the control of the media, trump an uncoordinating one regardless of any high principles of justice, rationality, or indeed the love of peace and liberty.

The coming out of this group, which has extended its own network for two decades and even ruled for much of it, intensifies a battle of ideas that has been unfolding for the past four year.

A global backlash against neoliberalism – which is very, very different from liberalism and can be better described as corporatism or even fascism where the state and corporations merge under authoritarian rule as it has happened in China and they are trying to impose here – threatened an overturning of the world order of the past two decades of terror by our own governments influenced and even ruled by these straussians.

In the second half of this decade, the people found voice, especially during the past few months. Thus the Straussians might think they may have found a way to silence them for now, with their ability to coordinate so globally and in such a mass manner being quite astounding to anyone that watches this “stage managing” as they call it.

The Real War

When Trump caused a corporate media melt-down by winning, there were whispers these Strausians will now go off to China and take control of it.

The corporate media’s ability to effectively set the agenda for now, however, blocked the Trump mandate at every step to the point plenty of his own supporters started losing that support.

The war instead shifted onto Brexit, with it culminating at an historic landslide for the now disappeared Boris Johnson.

Just before this, a power struggle of an historic magnitude was unfolding in the United Kingdom as the newly elected government moved to reform the civil service and make it fit for this century.

Neoliberalism was about to be purged and its enslaving grip on the free peoples was about to be banished. Until they attacked.

Just what happened where the details are concerned is little relevant in the present than the theme. The theme is a clash between the millennials, zoomers and boomers wanting to overturn this usurpation, and generation no name – which is now in real power – wanting to cling to discredited doctrines fit for a long gone time and fully unfit for the present. A doctrine that may have well facilitated a mole into CIA itself.

This is war, but not between nations, not even between people and their own governments, but between ideas with bureaucracy on one hand, and all others.

Plenty would say it is a war between liberty and slavery. Between we the people, and they the indoctrinated. Indeed between the past, and the future.

This struggle is present in every nation, including China. Just as a counter-think, were they really wrong to silence the doctors who may have been hell bent on causing panic when it is now very clear this is less dangerous than even the flu?

The real danger is of course this grip on our governance by an enslaving ideology, which reduces even elected presidents to mere protesters in their own country.

There has been a coup, and that is why we have paralysis in the halls of governance for they house arrested Merkle, Putin, Boris, even Xi before them.

Trump stood, but these all are humans, constrained as everyone else, and clearly need help to withstand and overcome this mighty assault on our liberties, and our prosperities, and on peace itself.

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