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Bitcoin Car Wins Race


A bitcoin car has won a race viewed by 50,000 people in real time, with this being one of the first race of its kind.

Bryan Boris Cook said he “beat the real Dale Earnhardt Jr, Kyle Busch, and other pro drivers in front of 50,000+ live viewers” to win with the bitcoin race car (pictured above).

Dale Earnhardt Jr and Kyle Busch are professional stock car racing drivers with Busch also being a team owner. As of 2020, they competes full-time in the top racing series of NASCAR Cup.

Due to the curfews however they had to do the race digitally, with invite only arrangements where real car racing professionals participated. A fan explains:

“The game is iRacing, and pretty much a full on sim. Nascar, Indycar, IMSA and Supercars are actually using iRacing to hold races that can’t be done because of [flu].

This specific one wasn’t directly done by Nascar if I recall correctly, but since they used the cup cars for this event quite a few cup drivers did join.

With every car you can download the template and make your own livery [the branding] with whatever you want. There is a secondary software called tradingpaints that syncs your livery to the rest of the field so anyone can see it, plus giving a platform to share your created liveries, or use liveries other people created.”

We had to look at the video numerous times to figure out whether this was real or virtual, with the only thing giving it away being the crowd.

Meaning virtual reality visuals have clearly progressed with any millennial zoomer probably very jealous of this picture:

Bryan Boris Cook winning race with bitcoin car, April 2020

The top ten winners were: 1. Bryan Boris Cook 2. Parker Kligerman 3. Garrett Smithley 4. T.J. Majors 5. Dale Earnhardt Jr. 6. Coleman Pressley 7. Joshua Williams 8. A.J. McCarron 9. Kevin Iannarelli and 10. Kevin Hamlin.

That’s the 3-time NCAA champ AJ McCarron there with real sport now becoming esport, hopefully very temporarily.

Bryan Boris Cook describes himself as an artist, app creator, and the NASCAR Team Chief Digital Officer at Joe Gibbs Racing.

So a techy, who clearly loves bitcoin and finally has the opportunity to compete in his own natural environment, in the digital world.


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