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Three Months Now Turns Into a Year While France Burns


Temporary restrictions are starting to become permanent with the big four European governments seemingly planning to never quite lift the lockdown.

“Nobody wants to hear this, but the truth is that we are not living in the final phase of this pandemic, but at the beginning,” Angela Merkle, the German Chancellor, said. “We are going to have to live with it for a long time.”

Right on cue corporate media then claimed some new poll says 79% support Merkle, a number so high that it makes any dictator blush in the face of such flagrant bullshitting.

Christopher Whitty, the Chief Medical Officer for England, has gone in a few weeks from herd immunity to now saying they want to continue imposing these measures for at least a year.

That has increased scrutiny of Whitty, who led the ACT Consortium, which conducted “a co-ordinated research programme to identify how best to optimize the delivery and cost-effectiveness of combination drug treatment for malaria in Africa and Asia.”

That ACT Consortium received $40 million from Bill Gates, raising questions on just how independent is Whitty really and/or what agenda there might be here with these suggestions they want to force house arrests for a whole year, at the very least.

Paris burns, April 2020
Paris burns, April 2020

Angry protests in France have entered their fourth day with them spreading to many cities as the youth rises.

This outburst has been attributed to some police incident, but there have been protests across the western world, and even in Lebanon, albeit with far less burning.

In France they’re claiming there is some racial element, but it may be more the case governments across the western world have not kept up with the shifting mood.

Fear has long gone, while anger now rises every minute these lockdowns continue, with the public at this stage simply unable to comprehend the vast gap between what politicians are saying and what the facts are saying.

As evidence continues to grow this is just about as harmful as seasonal flu, so too continues to grow the view that this is all perplexing.

The self-contradiction of these experts moreover, who made it very clear before the lockdown that track and trace is pointless at this stage while now say the new aim is track and trace, makes plenty question the official narrative.

Trust in corporate media has collapsed, just 20% believe a thing they say in much of the western world, with the public turning even more against them after seeing first hand through those daily briefings how our corporate media does not at all hold the government to account, but instead is repetitive and concerned with matters that the public thinks are not of concern.

It is probable that in reality trust in government is also close to collapse because people feel lied to as they were told there would be a temporary lockdown with it all then back to normal, hence the public bunkered down and waited out.

Now the government tells them first just another three more weeks, then it may be three months, then a year, and plenty suspect in a year they’ll say another decade is needed.

Reports from Berlin say “wearing masks or similar protections on nose and mouth will be mandatory in Berlin’s public transport from April 27th, 2020,” because of course the government knows what is best for us, instead of being very limited by the constitution which is designed in a way to ensure the government minds its own business as people can decide for themselves what to wear.

“The Opera and other music venues will definitely remain closed until the end of July,” they say. “Large events with more than 5,000 people are forbidden until October 24th 2020.”

So no sport for months, except in Sweden presumably where they’re handling it all fine without dictatorship.

The worst of it is the public currently has no say over any of this. Courts are closed, so the independent judiciary which usually curtails authoritarian tendencies of governments is unable to speak.

Facebook and other tech giants are censoring the organizing of protests in an astonishing grab of power which betrays the ideals that led to their founding.

This creates a dangerous situation because there is no peaceful outlet to express political opinion and because there is no effective peaceful way of making it clear the mood has changed.

An unusual level of shootings have been occurring recently across the western world. The casualties seem to be primarily police officers, with it overall suggesting these may be more political acts.

That’s very unfortunate, and something that increases the urgency of restoring peaceful political methods because our boys in uniform probably hate all this as much as anyone else.

In London they have generally been hands off, trusting the public to use common sense for their own health afterall, with London now starting to return to normality.

Even cafes are now beginning to open as the public goes deaf to the statements of politicians, with the police presumably not wanting to risk anything as at this stage this is all very much a political matter and a matter of government policy, rather than something for the boys in uniform.

Trust the public is the response of many to the statements we should trust the government or their “experts” which lied over the Iraq War and as recent events may have made clear, might have also lied over the need for austerity because suddenly the government is flush with cash to the point they paying 80% of everyone’s wages.

Something presumably the government doesn’t want to do as they know very well what communism means, but they trust corporate media when the public has completely lost trust in them, and they probably believe their claims 90% support this astonishing authoritarianism.

In reality it is probably more the case perhaps 20% support it for health reasons at this stage, while others might selfishly support it because they perhaps hate their job and so being paid while doing nothing might be seen by them as not a bad deal.

Yet even those latter groups are probably starting to change their mind by now as they may have gotten too bored and because work does give meaning and a sense of some fulfillment.

Those points are something that the British parliament can now finally make. It has returned, but in a very undemocratic way where it might perhaps be understandable to have so few in physical presence, but it is not at all understandable why being virtually present is limited to only circa 150 parliamenterians.

There are more than 600 of them, each one representing tens of thousands, so who is deciding which one of them can attend in the house of democracy and why is such restriction in any way necessary when setting up a conference call with 1,000 people or more is pretty easy.

More important is the parliamentary committees, with it unclear whether they are now beginning to get into full swing, because we have all seen what a terrible job the selected corporate media has done and therefore one has to hope the parliamentarians can ask more appropriate questions in their select comittees.

It is of course the job of parliament to keep the government to account, and you would think parliamentarians would have a better view of the public mood because constituency residents email them to give them an earful, politely preferably.

It thus would be good to see Whitty and all these other “experts” thoroughly cross examined regarding their contradictions that are leading to a complete collapse of trust in the government and in those advising them.

They need to explain why shouldn’t Britain follow the Swedish model instead of the Chinese model, and maybe they should even be asked point blank whether they participate or have participated in these Chinese “talent” programs.

They can deny it of course, but it would be under oath, with parliamentarians hopefully also looking at all the other contradictions, like long established science stating you should let a mild new flu or illness take its course instead of taking extreme measures as those measures themselves might lead to a dangerous second wave.

The Oxford scientists are saying this peaked in London a week before the lockdown, with it peaking of course because by that point there was herd immunity, so realistically a second wave should be unlikley.

But the point is the ordinary mechanisms of democracy are needed now more than ever, and have to do their job better than ever, because no one wants cruder forms of politics which are already beginning to manifest themselves.


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