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Press Release: CitaBit to Launch an All-in-one Platform After ICO


A new Financial Ecosystem – CitaBit – will come and it includes many interesting features that would be extremely helpful during a post-quarantine period. First of all it has a joint infrastructure where you can save, multiply, and exchange your cryptocurrency. The project is in the initial stages now, so anyone could become a part of its community of the future just by participating in its ICO and IEO.

What is CitaBit?

CitaBit is a modern platform that allows people to make any kind of cryptocurrency operations using only one program environment. Now you can get an all-in-one tool that provides:

  • A digital wallet (CitaWallet) works with many popular cryptocurrencies and has instant withdrawal;
  • Banking (CitaBank) supports debit and virtual cards;
  • Exchange (CitaExchange) has multicurrency pairs.

All three services work together in one set, so there’s no necessity of using others. Such a decision guarantees unconditional user privacy and security, promoting cryptocurrency among beginners.

Also, the developers of CitaBit will intent to provide smartphone application which will facilitate everyday tasks. Trading and exchanging of cryptocurrency just by your phone now is real.

What’s about CitaBit Token?

The CitadelBit Company had announced on April 3 the multistage token sale period from May 1 to August 17. During this time you can purchase tokens and the discount depends on the time of purchase. The price of one token will be about 20 cents with a higher bonus % at the beginning of the token sale. All funds, gathered after sale ending, will be used for further development of the project and fulfillment of required tasks.

The CitaBit Token (CITA) is based on ERC-20 protocol which provides its distributed system functioning. The total number of CITA tokens is 500 million, with 5% of which will set aside for Bounty and AirDrop goals. CITA could be freely transferred to anyone who has an internet connection. In fact, CITA will be the main part of the CitaBit Ecosystem and ensure its performance.

How to become a part of ICO?

To become a member of CitaBit, a user has to go a few steps: get signing up and verify his/her email address, type the client information, and attach the Ethereum address. After selecting and calculating the required amount of tokens, confirm the choice. After the end of the sale, a user can receive CitaBit tokens and may freely dispose of them at his/her discretion.

After becoming a part of Financial Ecosystem of CitaBit, a user has the following benefits:

  • High security level in all his/her transactions;
  • Minimal fees;
  • All services are available without intermediates;
  • A great number of financial instruments and tools;
  • A legal field for making transactions.

It is important to note, that the site will develop gradually and some functions will be implemented over time. The same goes for adding new cryptocurrency pairs.

Why you should work with CitaBit?

When we use cryptocurrency as a financial tool, we expect to receive reliability and safety for all our deals. Not so many platforms are truly willing to give us this opportunity. Most of them are focused on solving separate tasks and often don’t really care about a lack of security. However, CitaBit is devoid of such disadvantages.

The main goal of the project is to give a powerful all-purpose instrument to the cryptocurrency community which could solve any type of problem without any struggles by using the simple and effective complete solution. After a successful development, it will qualitatively change the operating procedure with cryptocurrencies for the better.

This is a press release. Trustnodes has not undertaken any verification of any of the above statements and any statement or project contained therein is not necessarily endorsed by Trustnodes. Readers are strongly urged to do your own research.

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