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Bitcoin Nears $8,500 While Stocks, Oil, Everything Turns Green


Bitcoin has risen above $8,400 before trading at $8,300 at the time of writing. Making it a new high since the crash last month.

All other major cryptos are also recovering as can be seen above, with oil up too by about 15% since Monday.

Gold is giving way to more productive assets, with it seemingly struggling to keep $1,700.

Stocks are where the story’s at for most, with a recovery here continuing too as investors realize this flu nonsense was way overblown by dumb donkeys:

Dow Jones on hourly candles, April 2020
Dow Jones on hourly candles, April 2020

It took Dow Jones about a year to go from 22,000 to 29,000, a 7k gain. It has taken it just a month to go from 18,000 to 24,000, a 6k gain.

A few people therefore have made a lot of money this month, while most have lost quite a bit.

Yet with now almost May, things are beginning to feel a bit normal with no one caring about the flu any more except the donkeys we put in charge of the public theatre.

Countries are opening up with the consent of the donkeys in most cases, but in London and some parts of America they can’t even hear them anymore as people decide by themselves they’ve had enough.

Trust in the media has completely collapsed. It was collapsing already, but the way they’ve handled all this has put people off, with trust in the government too now probably at or near all time low.

That’s especially as it becomes clear by the day both the corporate media and the government were objectively stupid to spend an estimated $24 trillion globally towards saving some 95 year olds from the flu.

We could have built so many things with that money. We could have even cured cancer which is causing so many tragedies in so many families.

Instead not only have we wasted so much money because the lockdown is clearly having no effect as Sweden keeps proving, but doctors are now going on video to say that hospitals are empty and that doctors are being fired because no patients.

Astonishingly Youtube keeps removing this video because it “explicitly disputes the efficacy of local healthy authority recommended guidance.”

That means this is actually state censorship in contravention of the constitution, not Youtube, because if you’re silenced for disputing the state version, then obviously it’s state censorship.

Something that is very dangerous as Youtube is playing with lives here in a most political matter.

In addition what disgrace is this censorship in our western civilization which was criticizing China for silencing doctors and now China can rightfully turn around and say you’re no better.

It just goes to show how stupid these corporate media outlets, like Youtube and Facebook, have become in the past few years after they stole everyone’s content and data and now use that as a base to order everyone around.

What those doctors said is that basically this is the flu, as we all know by now. We didn’t know so initially, they said, but this has turned out to be just a flu so now we need to get on as normal and patients need to come to hospital as it can be very dangerous if they don’t do so out of fear of some stupid flu.

Meaning now that even doctors are saying this, it is probably the case the economy will be back in full swing within a week or two because people will probably just start opening things by themselves now as those donkeys probably would rather the economy continues plunging than them taking responsibility for any decision which possibly could be used to criticized them.

Idiots. At least though now we know they are dum as wood, so hopefully people start holding them a lot more to account and start questioning them a lot more, including their own employees in the civil service who should start considering first whether some order is a donkey order.

Thus as the economy opens up naturally you’d expect production to return and international trade where bitcoin is used, so potentially explaining its recent price rise in addition to stocks and the rest where investors might be thinking that this is indeed a nothing burger, and so everything maybe is a bit too cheap especially in light of those trillions of new printed money.


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