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Protests Sweep the World From Hong Kong, London to California While Lebanon Burns


Two months on since mass house arrests, many have clearly had enough with the biggest protest since they were unconstitutionally made illegal occurring in Huntington Beach in California.

Angered by the decision of democrat governor Gavin Newsom to close the beach, thousands of Americans took to the streets to protest.

No police brutality here. All was generally peaceful. Some were wearing masks ironically, with slogans on them, but there was no keeping apart from each other because one of their most use slogan is give me liberty or give me flu.

Covid 1984, says another. Plandemic, shout Americans. This is a dry run for communism, while another says socialism. Tyrants get the rope, says yet another in the still land of the free, generally, and notably they do so in this stronghold of neoliberalism and lefties.

Fascist London police, May 2020
Fascist London police, May 2020

In the birthplace of Magna Carta, police men and women, who were not keeping apart at all, dragged an old man who must be in his 60s as pictured above.

His sin was to engage in a group hug with about twenty other protesters in a symbolic defiance as is his full right because it was all 100% peaceful.

Under what legally enforceable law these women and men in uniform deny the protester his hard won rights is now to be decided by a court as finally a businessman has sent a letter before action expressing intent to sue the government if the curfew is not eased considerably by Thursday.

The world believes and usually with good reason that Britain has the most independent judiciary, with it now to be seen whether that too has fallen or remains one of the last holdout against tyranny.

Armed American protesters, all 100% legal, May 2020
Armed American protesters, all 100% legal, May 2020

These men above claim they were there to make people feel safer, a sort of people’s security.

They probably are also there to increase significantly the cost of any potential miss calculation by the police.

This constitutional right to bear arms and its use for the first time in living memory for its intended aim may well change the view of many on gun rights for it is Americans who rose first and it is probable those first pictures of very peaceful armed men probably did make many protesters feel safe and perhaps others think that it is safe to go there.

Armed men, again fully within their legal rights and very peacefully as it is very unique to America, went inside Michigan’s state capitol on Thursday where lawmakers were discussing whether to again extend the governor’s emergency powers.

The democratic governor nonetheless extended it to the 15th of May, with all this now more politics than anything to do with health.

Belgium’s Brussels is the capital of EU in as far as all EU official institutions are headquartered there.

That it would be hit so badly however is a bit of a puzzle, especially considering it is next to Germany which does not even make it to top ten.

All of the above countries are still in lockdown except Sweden which from the beginning chose to not house arrest its own people.

Despite Sweden not locking down with collapsing effects for the economy, they still come eighth, below Netherland or Ireland which again is extending the curfew until you’d think the next century as this is all afterall the Spanish flu which since its outbreak in 1918 is still with us and is now called just a flu with variations of it every season and with 95 year olds dying in their thousands ‘from’ it every winter.

Most also probably have forgotten, if they ever new, of the 1976 overblown huge over-reaction to the then new flu just after the end of the Vietnam war on the 30th of April 1975.

During the past two decades the United States and some of its allies have also been at war with an estimated 3 million passing due to it in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, then there was the whole Somali mess and on and on to the point even Turkey and Greece were risking an accidental war right in this very Europe.

That war brings disease is hardly a revelation. That it is so mild however – with 2/3rds being asymptomatic – we should be grateful except this mildness has been compensated with the stupidity of our politicians who have turned it into an economic catastrophe.

That’s Lebanon, where for the past four days starting from April 28th the situation has deteriorated to what they call hunger protests.

The police there has been replaced by soldiers with the situation fully tragic as the country was bankrupt before the global economic crash.

In Hong Kong too protesters are back, albeit at a smaller scale, with here also the police looking more like soldiers.

In contrast the American protests look like an oasis of peace and even a celebration as for once they seem united left and right, even as Democrats try their best to turn it into a divisive political matter.

Something that has worked for them where it concerns stupid labels, but all eat the same bread and therefore their theatre is no longer working.

Los Angeles protests against lockdown, May 1st 2020
Los Angeles protests against lockdown, May 1st 2020

In Europe, after Sweden, Germany seems to enjoy the most freedom, and Italy the least.

Berlin protests, May 1st 2020
Berlin protests, May 1st 2020

Germany has a significant underground scene with considerable emphasis on privacy and an economy where employees sit on the board of companies.

It stands out in addition as the only country we know where they attributed cause only if it was actually caused by the flu rather than some other serious illness.

This refusal to lie to its own people, unlike every other country with few exceptions, may be because Germany has ‘imported’ quite a few nurses and doctors from former dictatorial communist countries, like Albania where last year thousands of nurses left for Germany.

That past experience of these new arrivals, and Germany’s own fairly recent history with statsi communism, naturally creates an environment where the nurses and doctors would just not stand for deception.

Germany Google Street View, May 2020
Germany Google Street View, May 2020

Germany is the only European country to stand out in the above image of where the Google maps little yellow man can be dropped to show you the street view.

It stands out because as you can see all is covered in blue, while in Germany there’s far less coverage.

All this is likely to considerably change the view of many on Germany, with England unfortunately coming out the worst, as well as France, while Italy is puzzling many in regards to what exactly has gone wrong with this country.

The reputation of the Imperial University is also now pretty much tarnished, with China a slightly more complicated question.

Trump recently said he thinks this came from the Wuhan Lab, meaning probably some accidental leak, but you’d think we’d know if that was the case and history maybe shows perhaps this was around for quite some time.

The Spanish flu for example is believed to have been spreading for years before it became a penademic.

One theory suggests that flu came from China, because China was least affected, with the reason probably being that they had developed immunity.

The suggestion is that flu spread after Chinese workers were sent to England and France to aid in the First World War efforts against Germany.

The Vietnam war also had the United States on one end and China, the then Soviet Union and others on the other end with greater contact therefore and so the new flu spread although to a far lesser extent in 1976.

The largely isolated China during the last century has become a more and more traveling nation with now even ‘poor’ people able to afford holidays to Milan and therefore perhaps it’s how you get a new flu.

As we’ve all seen in those peak graphs, there’s a long time when nothing happens with that long time being maybe a year or two or even longer, with it then quickly spreading during winter.

What may have happened therefore is this flu variation may have occurred in China a couple of years ago, spreading there with general immunity reached.

With increased travel then this may have spread elsewhere and may have returned to China and so we get a ‘pandemic.’

It’s a flu, with the fatality rate the same, compared to the Spanish flu which was far, far more serious for the west.

Around 1 million Chinese people died from that flu while globally there were 100 million deaths, so 1% despite it having the world’s biggest population.

Likewise initially they said 3,000 died from this new flu while globally it’s 240,000, so again about 1%.

Now one can say they’re lying, but it’s difficult to think they’d be able to lie considering just how many have been affected within China and outside it.

Meaning there’s probably little reasonable doubt this came from China, and suggestions of when this originated keep being pushed back with some saying October or even September so China should have known about it for quite some time.

The question thus being why did they over-react to the point of welding people into their own home when this had obviously spread and any logic would say you obviously can’t stop the spread of a flu as is now being shown by facts with UK reporting yesterday the highest number of new cases, 6,000, now two months on lockdown.

That’s partly because they’ve increased ‘testing,’ but that’s irrelevant as clearly thousands are still getting this despite house arrests.

So the lockdown makes no sense, but why then did China do it, making all wonder how serious this is and giving an opening to ‘experts’ to cry doom.

In addition, the highly political angle of authoritarians can handle this better than democracies and therefore dictatorships are better, turns this theatre more into some sort of game of empires with China starting it.

Thus the probable explanation for this stupidity being that as usual kings play games while the rest suffer, with the big question being whether they would really put everyone through this over some stupid measuring contest.

And the answer is probably. They sent our forefathers to the trenches for years over the same stupid game, so this is nothing by comparison except a clear warning that the same mentality continues in the political class. Thus the protests to stop it.


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