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May the Fourth Be With Europe as it Opens Up, But Confusion Reigns


Two policemen were standing next to two vans which say ‘power cut, call us,’ while people passed by on both sides of the pavement in numbers not quite seen before.

This is London, May the 3rd 2020, with it unclear what exactly happened but an helicopter was low flying last night.

It followed a protest yesterday, one of many globally, with court action now potentially to be taken against the lockdown as patience starts running low two months after house arrests.

To placate, politicians across Europe are suggesting May the fourth is the re-opening day but with many buts.

“Ministers are preparing to lift restrictions on outdoor activities such as picnics as the first stage in relaxing the lockdown rules,” says the Mail on Sunday which for nearly three months has been campaigning for the strictest of measures.

“People can exercise several times each day and drive to the countryside and other outdoor spaces for walks and picnics,” they add.

Three times a day you can go out, now says science. If you do four, apapapapap. It gets better:

“The change, which will end the sight of police officers moving on solitary sunbathers in parks, follows new scientific advice to ministers that the risk of transmitting the disease outside is substantially lower than indoors.”

Wow, these ‘scientists’ only now figured that one out? Oh wait, they already said as much a few weeks ago in one of the daily briefings with Sweden now pretty much proving that no lockdown is actually better healthwise – both directly and indirectly – as well as of course for what would have been a non collapsing economy.

So if we read between the lines then they got rid of the Imperials, who have dragged the reputation of that university completely down the drain, with Boris Johnson now probably listening to the Oxford boys and girls as well as UCL et al.

“This is legitimising what a lot of people are doing already, and because the lockdown couldn’t be enforced properly!” – says a member of the public with another replying: “Yes, they are losing control and trying to save face.”

You have to stay six feet apart however, two meters, while in Italy it’s 1.85 meters, some say 1.71, some say 1 meter is enough, but the important point is of course that you need to get a measuring tape and ensure you follow distancing of whatever meters they say or apapapap.

As an aside we used to laugh headless at sketches showing the ridiculousness of many things, like the above, but nowadays we get some idiot endlessly talking to a laughing tape while real people keep a straight face because not funny.

“Every day before entering the factory, Riccardo Menna has his body temperature scanned and is handed a kit containing two face masks and a pair of gloves,” says FT with this being Italy and the factory being a car manufacturer that opened a week before the opening.

How this temperature check will be of any use regarding people that show no symptoms, about 2/3rd of them, is not clear.

Nor is it clear how it would tell between normal flu and this stupid flu, or now with summer between too much sun and… do you even get flu during summer?

It doesn’t matter however because the point is first of all to buy all this equipment from China, and all of it. Masks, PPE, gloves, temperature checks and on and on because we don’t buy enough from China already so we gotta give them more money.

The second point is to basically order you to be fearful with that temperature ‘checking’ act basically saying there’s this thing, uuuuuu, be scared.

And maybe if we’re generous the third point might be to make dumb people (primarily the politicians) feel safe and so get on with work while the rest know it’s nonsense that doesn’t work.

Yet you gotta wear masks. In some places you have to or apapapapaa even if you going for a walk, in some places only in public transport, in some places at work, with a mess everywhere basically as none of this is based on any real science.

“In Japan, the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, triggered a massive inferno that consumed nearly 600,000 homes in the most populous part of the nation. After the quake, the sky was filled with smoke and ash for weeks, and air quality suffered for months afterward. Facemasks came out of storage and became a typical accessory on the streets of Tokyo and Yokohama,” so says Quartz.

Masks can of course be useful in that sort of environmental situation, but the flu is very contagious and far too small for masks to prevent it. Meaning they are more to scare people, and in a very double speak way they are also to make people feel safer because if mask then no flu says no one except the dumb.

“It seems they’re having a good laugh at our expense,” says Costantino Montalbano, 31, a hair stylist in Palermo. “It’s as if they’re telling us to go out, but to stay at home.”

He’s talking about the new guidelines in Italy that come in force tomorrow. People can go meet their family, but not friends. They can go out, but can’t have a haircut. They can get a buss with many other people inside to go to work, but can’t sit in a cafe on their own to have some nice launch.

All of this is SCIENCE. And science says no beach for you, but maybe a little bit, maybe in some parts, but not others, maybe in the morning but not afternoon, or just STAY AT HOME.

Now Spain has the most hilarious system, with a very scientific approach that amounts to stupid is what stupid do:

“Adults wanting to do individual sport like running and cycling must go out between 6am and 10am or 8pm to 11pm. 

Those aged over 70 who want to go for a stroll have to do it between 10am and midday or 7pm to 8pm.

And children under 14 with a parent, who were allowed out for an hour between 9am and 9pm in week one, continue to be able to go outdoors but only from midday to 7pm.”

Lmao, 20 year olds, 6am, ahaha. Even 10am is still sleepy time for plenty of them, especially teenagers, so realistically they get from 8pm to 11pm with up to ten of them able to meet up which means party, party and we all know how much drunk people can be ordered around.

Grannies would have probably liked that 6am slot, but SCIENCE, with none of this making any sense because all of these one age group people going out will then come in and intermingle with all the other ages so it’s all stupid.

Wait, however, we now have this R thing. If R goes to 1.1, apapapap, but below it’s party, party.

R is the rate of transmission which they can’t really reasonable estimate until it translates to hospitalizations by which point it is too late anyway because it would have already spread and it would keep spreading by as much as it wants as it has been doing throughout this nonsense lockdown which clearly does not work.

So the government is grabbing a lot of power under non scientific excuses meaning if there’s a protest for example they can say R is 1.1, aaaaaaa, lock down everything, house arrest, martial law, kidnap people with track and trace for science of course.

Oh wait you can’t protest anyway because science says 11 people apapapapa, while 10 people good, and there’s no gun rights in Europe so police can drag you if you try to exercise the fundamental right to peaceful protest.

Germany despite being more north is to begin school tomorrow, while Britain which has pretty much the same climate and same population is going on about you can work in a factory but not in an office even though obviously there’s no difference as both are run by people.

Science though, they haven’t been able to cure anything since the invention of penicillin but now claim they know just how many meters is safe for the flu.

Instead of wasting so much money to fatten the pockets of China you would have expected them to come up with some treatment, but recurring ‘customers’ are obviously better than one off.

So the focus is on a vaccine which probably barely lasts a year with the taxpayer of course footing up the bill that probably sends some kickbacks to these ‘experts’ and thus we get a continuous draining of resources and no advancement.

All of this is to be paid by millennials after their economy has been crashed with the reward for it being smug articles that tell them they’ve had it so bad their life expectancy will probably be lower than that of their parents.

Who made it so bad is of course never asked or speculated, nor are solutions ever proposed to problems, unless one considers walking around with a measuring tape or while looking like a zombie with one of those masks is some solution to the problem of the government’s thirst for total control.


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