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Has China Checkmated the West?


On or around February the 9th, new cases in China plunged overnight, just three weeks after they implemented the first lockdown in history on the 23rd of January.

It was all over in China. This new flu had just instantly vanished. Factories quickly opened. Trains went again at the speed of 500 miles an hour, huge celebrations were held even in Wuhan.

It was also just about to begin in Europe within a fogy situation as an information war began on two fronts.

The first concerned basic facts. In social media especially there was much fear mongering propaganda, and on left (as in commie) leaning broadcast and print media, they went so far as to put a renowned expert in the subject matter against an hysteric nobody with no expertise whatever in the subject matter, his claim solely being he had written some computer code to try and predict the future.

It is astonishing that in this information war the government itself took the side of fear-mongers by presenting statistics in a highly misleading manner.

Most governments that is, not Germany for example, but that Boris Johnson nowadays listens to the lefty Guardian instead of the Telegraph suggests perhaps he got fooled too much by his own propaganda.

Doves are winning we are told, with doves here being those that want lockdown forever. So bringing us to the second and perhaps more important propaganda war.

The Extremely Clever China

Extremely clever when facing these bafoons in any event who were told initially the free west would never take the measures needed to prevent this flu, thus China’s authoritarian system was better.

Playing a propaganda war on your adversary’s terms is of course what a donkey would do, for a smarter man would have exalted the necessity to uphold democracy when it was and is most needed.

Like Sweden did, a country that this generation will thank for years and decades to come to the point they say:

“The epidemiologist has become something of a cult figure in Sweden, with reports of people having tattoos done of him.”

There is nothing more permanent that temporary measures by the government, is something that many western educated Chinese students may have learned.

Thus when the west began playing on China’s terms by imposing authoritarian measures, China had won. For what was to be just three weeks, as was the case for China, in the west it has become an endless three weeks extension.

Booming China, Falling West

The Chinese economy is in full swing, and has been since around mid to late February. Quickly in and just as quickly out has given them a two to three months frontrun.

Our already struggling manufacturing base, which was seeing more and more offshoring, are now seeing their clients go off to China because factories in Europe are closed.

Initially if it was just three weeks you could have said that re-alignment probably would have been a temporary thing, but now months on you do have to wonder why should customers that have formed new habits return?

We’re told much of this manufacturing will be moved back, tariffs or whatever other measure will incentivize it, so all is fine.

Yet with England expected to have its worst recession in 300 years, there will be far too much to do for much energy to be left on bringing back manufacturing.

That’s especially the case as with the west locked, China is probably finding new non western customers by the day, customers who may have been happy to buy from Germany or USA, but forced to look for alternatives during the shutdown, may well find the cheaper Chinese version is just as fine.

Trump, the President?

In a recent interview on Fox Trump was, metaphorically speaking, crying like a child. We gotta open up, we can’t continue like this, at some point it has to end, we gotta get people back to work.

An obvious question then for a proper reporter would have been: are you actually the president, or who is?

His expected reply would have been we’ve give the decision to the states, I could, you know, I have the right as president to end this, but…

But China has checkmated. There’s nothing Trump can do that wouldn’t be fiercely criticized by Democrats and the lefty media, some of which is owned by China, the same China that kicked out western reporters but we allow them to own, and thus control, actual newspapers as well as some broadcasting stations to a different degree of ownership, like Tencent for example owning some of Reddit, a Reddit that almost overnight has in all of its communities turned lefty coupled with much heavy censorship.

Likewise there’s nothing Boris Johnson can do that wouldn’t be heavily criticized by the Guardian. Hence why he listens to it so much.

So leading to a situation where the side that lost the election, and in UK lost very badly, is now kind of in charge of government policy, while the majority of Boris’ MPs want him to end this, but he can’t hear them because of the checkmate.

What Checkmate?

In many ways there couldn’t be a more perfect flu to show the weaknesses of current western systems and distract the west fully to the point Russian troops in Libya, next door to Italy and very much almost in Europe, are not even being noticed.

First this affects most those over 70, but anyone 60 and over was probably very worried and much fear propaganda, plenty of it by the government itself, made sure they were worried.

This happens to be the voting age group and the one that reads the old print papers, with those papers so feeding on their fear and creating a coup like situation where the government was forced to turn western democracies into dictatorships.

There was nothing the government could do right. Not enough testing, not enough PPE, not enough to protect this and that, with the government constantly under attack by corporate papers.

In America it’s even more complex, with lefty governors reducing Trump to some ordinary person posting on the internet that we should end the lockdown.

Yet every day that goes by is making more and more think the west is actually unable to end it.

In China it was over within a day, just as it began within a day. The government simply reported a lot less new cases, and so it was over.

In the west no one seems to be brave enough to take some responsibility, with the opposing side keen to criticize anything, aided by some papers who are happy to throw the country under the bus as long as they can say bad things about Boris or Trump or whoever else.

With all this thus paralyzing the western system which was quick to go into lockdown, but might now be stuck there amid endless discussion and debate with but this and but that and with no one seemingly able to say: enough, it’s over, keep calm and get on.

Authoritarian West, Free China

Police chasing young men on the beach, fully peaceful protesters arrested, tech platforms engaging in mass censorship, the government openly lying with statistics, drones shouting at grannies, parliaments suspended, mandatory masks in some countries, the constitution ignored, rule by diktat and much more is what a 2020 west wakes up to.

That the code which ostensibly led to the unconstitutional power grab in Britain and America has been found to be faulty, appears to be irrelevant.

That all this has turned out to be so mild to the point plenty call it a plandemic, a ‘fake’ as they did call it in China, a hoax, also appears to be irrelevant.

That a United Kingdom where a total lockdown was fully complied with has more deaths per capita than free Sweden appears to be fully irrelevant too.

What then is relevant? The fact that hospitals are empty, with 50% of beds not utilized, far less than normal? The fact that all these politicians, policy advisors, and the rest, got this and all seem to be fine? The fact that we’re in authoritarian communism with no end in sight?

Xi Jinping at least knows that he lives in a somewhat authoritarian system, as do his people, with the government propaganda there called out for what it is by Chinese people themselves.

In the west instead we get trust the experts, trust the government, trust the media, with trust in all three collapsing but still the government is apparently basing policy on polls which Boris especially should know are fake or at least no where near truly reflective of public opinion.

Both in the west and in the east what they maintain in common is the general inability of ordinary people to keep their leaders accountable.

They’re protesting. In Slovenia they’re filling streets with bicycles. In India they throwing stones at the police. In China these sort of things would have sent shivers in their halls, but in the west they’re just ignored.

That’s because in the west the idea of revolution does not cross anyone’s mind. In China it does. Thus it may well be China’s leaders are more attentive to the real public opinion, while western ones become more and more deaf by the day.

As the millennial generation continues to rise in wealth, power, and influence, what is happening today will reverberate for decades to come.

That’s within the west but also more widely as this generation is quite uniquely the most connected in history and the most informed.

Thus it is imperative that this ends in the west just as quickly as it ended in China, for no one believes the government any longer, and its continued pretense as well as suspension of democracy is very much an assault on those who will have to live with this for decades to come.

Trump as the president should just use a decree like all the others and end this. Boris, as the Prime Minister, should listen to his own voters and his party, or should give way to others who can actually lead.

For this circus has run for too long, and it’s about time that it ends, and just as quickly as it started, with these dictators sent off packing.

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