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Bitcoin Falls Ahead of Boris Big Speech


Bitcoin has dropped by 15% from about $10,000 to just above $8,500 hours ahead of Boris Johnson’s big speech as pictured above.

That suggests what Boris will say will be very bad for the economy, with much of it leaked and much of it is pretty bad news.

In the clearest sign yet the government expects all this to last for years, the Prime Minister is to announce a phased alert system — similar to the one used to assess terrorist risk — with five gradations of risk from the flu.

We’re thus going to be terrorized for years by our own government who every month or two will raise the fear level to red or drop it to orange, with BBC reading loudly the announcement after opening with the now changed disgusting graphics of this flu.

The current phase is “maximum caution.” Tube travellers will probably be told STAY ALERT. All that ‘if you see a suspicious bag’ nonsense is now probably going to be dropped in favor of something that probably amounts to FEAR THE PERSON NEXT TO YOU.

Although UK has had the worst outbreak in Europe, people coming from Europe may still be the ones that get locked up for 14 days because FEAR THE INVISIBLE.

That’s not finalized, airline chiefs have asked for an emergency meeting, but what appears to have been finalized is that nothing is expected to change except that grannies will get their garden centres.

Everyone else can go to work and then straight back home. Fun is sinful now in this puritanism. The vibrant London scene with its great art and music is now effectively under occupation by their own government.

The idea of people being free to choose has somehow completely vanished in this land that once prided itself of being the freest.

The government now chooses for everyone, everything. Our phones have been turned into tracking devices. Tech platforms in some ways have become an extension of the government. The population at large is now dependent on the state, and a growing percentage will continue to be so.

The people have not passed judgment on any of this in any country as there has been no election since all this began.

There’s of course the big election in November in the United States, where all these governors and sheriffs and everyone else is up to be judged.

In UK, they won’t be able to pass judgment until 2024 in this so called democracy where one man alone has decided that all should be locked up and should remain generally locked up except to be locked at work.

In Singapore robot dogs now go around shouting at people to stay 2 meters apart, six feet, with Singapore being effectively a one party state.

In UK too people have to stay 2 meters away despite there being no evidence at all that it has any effect when individuals are not conversing.

That rule does however have an effect on what businesses can do, with it leading to drawing up of random rules like only six people can go in at any time, rules no one has voted on.

Rules that are also in the interest of the shop owner and the customers to ignore, so it’s more about BE AFRAID and OBEY as well as be distracted so that the rich in government can go on plundering.

As these idiots in government clearly appear to have no intention to give up the power they have unconstitutionally grabbed, at least for months and maybe even years by their preference, we may well have another RED MONDAY to celebrate the arrival of communism.

That’s because bitcoin has kind of acted as a predictor of what stocks might do while stock markets are closed during the weekend or after hours.

As such they may take into account the fact the economic outlook is now terrible because the government is now effectively admitting they lied when they said this would be a quick three weeks temporary thing with the economy back roaring.

That has been the case for China, but for the west it appears we are to expect locked down nation for years or at the very least a 20% productivity reduction even as they keep claiming they opening up while opening nothing.

Meaning GDP this year may fall 30% as apparently they intend this to be not a one month thing or two months, but onwards for much of summer and maybe even more strictly for autumn with stupid traffic lights based on an even stupider R nonsense.

That’s if anyone listens to them. New TV channels are rising in prominence in America. In UK the government has too much control over national broadcast TV, but the online and print press remains relatively free.

So they may wish to keep this going forever, with the Prime Minister again saying “the country is entering the most dangerous phase of the outbreak,” but whether they can, remains to be seen because while the Chancellor said this isn’t the time for ideology, at some point you should think it is the time for ideology.


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