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Footsie in Freefall While Bitcoin Rises


Britain’s stock market has turned down with some speed, falling by 3.5% this Thursday as pictured above.

That’s while the UK economy is trying to re-open but to a very limited extent with Pressmark Pressings for example, which provides parts for carmakers such as Honda and Nissan, having back only 16 out of its 90-strong workforce.

Burdensome requirements and strict measures limit the amount of people that can work with just 20% participating for this factory and many other workplaces.

Meaning economic calculations are changing by the day with the airline industry for example estimated to not get back to normal until 2023.

Bitcoin in contrast has been rising to reach nearly $10,000, but has retraced somewhat to $9,600.

Bitcoin's price on hourly candles, May 2020
Bitcoin’s price on hourly candles, May 2020

Which way bitcoin or FTSE 100 will go remains to be seen with it unclear how American stock markets will react to some shocking suggestions LA “will most certainly” be locked for three months until August.

The Los Angeles mayor said “we’ll never be completely open until we have a cure,” making all this more and more political by the day.

Boris to Face His Party

Alarm bells are ringing in some corners with a potential showdown indicated by a ‘leaked’ memo advising Boris Johnson to not meet Sir Graham Brady, chair of the powerful backbenchers 1922 committee which brought down Theresa May.

Brady has called for a lifting of “arbitrary” restrictions with the Prime Minister for the first time to address Tory MPs in a video conversation.

Just in time for it we get a very new form of politics with British media reporting as fact that only 4.4% of France has caught this.

They cite the Pasteur Institute, which has received quite a bit of money from Bill Gates to develop vaccines, with French media reports indicating this ‘study’ is more an estimate based on the number of confirmed new cases, leading to a far less factual “between 1.8 and 4.7 million inhabitants.”

So bringing back potentially uncomfortable memories for British ruling MPs who look at Sweden and wonder why England is being sent down the drain economically more than even during the actual Spanish flu as the Bank of England estimates the economy will see its hardest hit in 300 years.

Boris Johnson in addition bears the burden of taking down America with him as well following the now infamous Neil Ferguson faulty model.

As it turned out, Ferguson’s mistress is a far lefty actual communist, raising significant questions regarding whether this was taken into account by Boris Johnson when he made the massive political decision to curfew Britain, or if he was aware of it at all in which case why was he not.

If England had stood strong as Sweden has, then America probably would have too as well as much of northern Europe, including Germany.

Instead now two months on and barely anyone is back at work, with these re-openings sounding like fake openings by the day.

Where is Churchill?

Just what these political leaders are doing is not too clear as all this lasted in China only three weeks and they got back to work in a proper opening, not 20% “opening.”

Moreover it has now been months, so for what reason do they continue to ignore Sweden’s clear evidence these lockdowns are having no real effect.

Now they’re moving the ballpark to August or October at which point they can easily claim some second wave by attributing ordinary flu casualties to this new flu as they have been doing with their classification based on “probable” and in some cases even what amounts to: if not sure then new flu.

British police authorities however have apparently told police officers to not enforce the 2 meters social distancing rule because they have no legal authority to do so.

Germany’s Supreme Court has found all these measures to be unconstitutional because disproprotionate.

Now the Wisconsin Supreme Court has gone even further, stating the state’s stay-at-home order is “unlawful” and “unenforceable.”

No one has voted on any of this in any country, meaning there is no mandate, and the British parliament has not held even one vote on these most political matters.

Commentators are now saying the government has basically lied, and is lying, with one line standing out: “Keir Starmer… positions Labour as even more pro-Government policy than the actual Government.”

Why labour is politically in favor of this is obvious as presumably they think the rich will pay for everyone to stay at home and or they think poorer people vote more for labour so, especially the far left, is probably loving all this communism.

Britain voted for conservatives however, and in a landslide, not communism, instead we now have effectively Corbyn running the country.

Where is Strategy?

While China flexes its economic muscles in a mini trade war with Australia, Engaland is whistling at the wind even as it faces a potential economic calamity.

Why, is the very big question. Why are PR documents indicating they should scare largely non-affected groups by somehow making this flu relevant to them so that they can be more compliant?

On cue of course we have some media reports of some young person, as if anyone buys any of this with barely 14% of the public trusting corporate media.

The other very big question is what exactly is the strategy? Is Boris for example really planning to go on like this until some vaccine? What if one isn’t found? Or what if like in 1976 that vaccine causes serious health problems and that it does so is found way too late with the whole thing then having to stop?

Even if one presumes there is one in two years, is the United Kingdom really going to self-impose a structural economic calamity over some mild flu and do so in contravention of long established scientific consensus before all this?

Why would it do so when two months on lockdown have led to worse health effects than in Sweden where they’re keeping calm and carrying on.

Something Britain has been known for, and should have been known for to this generation too. Instead ‘sophisticated’ England has seen its ‘scientists’ become a laughing stock as their Nostradamus predictions are shown to be nonsense even allowing for the government lying to the people with the real data here only from Germany where it’s at 7,800.

Even that figure is of mostly very old people, which is why you would have expected to keep on rather than ruining the economy.

Obviously if the facts were different then the analysis would have been different too. If this was a very serious thing, then there isn’t much you can do, you’d have to do all you can starting with having specific designated hospitals for it rather than the way it has been done where hospitals turned into the super spreaders.

And this is serious of course for some, but it’s not so serious that such measures can be justified with every court that has adjudicated on it now saying as much.

Meaning the conservative party needs to get a grip, and the party because in UK people vote for red or blue, not for the Prime Minister who is voted in by the party and serves at the pleasure of the party.

A party that Boris Johnson will now address and answer to, with the key question being why China and not Sweden as well as what on earth is the plan here exactly.


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