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Craig Wright Court List Included the 2009 Moved Bitcoin


The clown show is expected to continue with BSV supporters pointing out the address that just moved some bitcoin in 2009 was included in a court list of addresses presented by Craig Wright as evidence in regards to a claimed trust that purportedly holds one million bitcoin.

The very long list of many addresses was demanded by the court as Craig Wright continues to try and prove he is Satoshi Nakamoto, the bitcoin inventor.

As it happens the specific address is not one believed to belong to Nakamoto based on nonce analysis published in 2013 by Sergio Demian Lerner.

“I’ve sent CSV files to people that asked for it for research purposes with commitment to preserve Satoshi privacy. But you can also reverse-engineer the site. It’s client side code,” he said referring to the block numbers that may have been mined by Nakamoto.

“Faketoshi didn’t even did the that, and provided an US court with a completely flawed list,” Lerner said.

There is of course no evidence whatever, as it stands, that Wright moved these coins or an associate, nor is there any evidence in regards to who did so.

The movement of 2009 coins however is not too rare of an event, but February 9 2009 is so close to the genesis block that it now has many wondering who moved them.

It is clearly very unlikely it was Satoshi Nakamoto, with any claim by Craig Wright otherwise disproving his own position as the coins were sent to a segwit address, segwit being something Wright objects too.

Yet even if it isn’t Nakamoto, such early miners are very rare, an estimated 20 or maybe 50 people in total, making all this quite interesting.


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  1. Is Ira also against segwit? Are you implying CSW doesn’t have what it takes to invent Btc?

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