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The End of an Era: Tether Overtakes Ripple in Marketcap


Tether, the dollar pegged crypto is now the third biggest cryptocurrency after bitcoin and ethereum.

Ripple managed to keep that third position as it tussled with rising tether, but it has now given way to usdt.

Tether overtakes XRP, May 2020
Tether overtakes XRP, May 2020

This marks a milestone of sorts in a clear indication of the state of cryptos this spring 2020 where some dollar token used mainly to buy cryptos is now itself the third most valuable one by market cap.

That might be as high as tether goes as ethereum probably is a bit secure in its second position, but usdt doubled in market cap since the beginning of this year.

Another doubling, thus, and eth too is not far off from falling to the dollar, something that it has been doing for now more than two years.

It used to be tether was way down the list, but by the month it has knocked down one crypto after another, now knocking down even XRP.

That same XRP which once briefly overtook even bitcoin, and another time in 2018 briefly overtook eth, but now it has fallen.

So many of the other cryptos too used to claim so much and boast so much, now they appear worthless in the face of rising teth.

Hundreds of billions have gone during its rise as what was promised turned out to be not quite what was delivered in most cases, if anything was delivered at all.

Hundreds of cryptos are now dead and gone, to be forgotten by the dust of passing time, as that ruthless judgment of reality lays bare its verdict: the dreams are dead, long live the dreams.

For others will fly and take their chance at the moon and stars. Many will fall, but some will hopefully reach at least our nearest solar system where we may lay down a colony, just because we can and thus we must.

To spontaneously poem the passing of an era, not easy in freestyle, but the dust of pyramids gave way to acropolis. The mighty Rome still in song roams, yet forgotten almost the roars of Napoleon.

That statue still says give me your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, but gone they have to Germany.

So the tune of time, for some to rise, some must fall, good riddance to those cryptos gone thus, as we await the new ones.

Who will rise now to touch the sky and dream of freedom and paradise in our own lands? Where do they beat the drums of fun? Who doth know thy judge and meets his demands to so satisfy the objectivity of god; and who will claim the fools are lords and so eventually fall to the sword?

To the former, hopefully the followers, and theirs too the glory, of a golden age within their hands to paint for the songs of age.


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