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Ethereum Fork Pushed Back


An upgrade of ethereum 1.0 initially expected to launch next month has now been pushed back due to further work being required.

Hudson Jameson, an ethereum developer, said about two weeks ago that “things are coming together,” adding:

“By mid-next week we will have final specifications and decisions on 3 EIPs that may be going in. We are creating the first “ephemeral testnet” called YOLO.”

In the latest dev call however the target date of 26th May for this ‘Yolo’ pre-testnet was struck off as numerous Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) remain unmerged.

Ethereum Berlin Fork Progress, May 2020
Ethereum Berlin Fork Progress, May 2020

Yolo so being the pre-test environment for devs to sync different clients together, with the actual testnet previously targeted for next week which is clearly now no longer the case.

It appears they planned just six weeks for the testnet to run in a pre-live environment before launching in July if no bugs are found, but since even Yolo has not gone out yet, early autumn would be our optimistic estimate.

This upgrade is needed for the ethereum 2.0 phase zero launch as it contains the BLS signatures upgrade needed for the deposit contract on the current ethereum Proof of Work (PoW) blockchain.

It needs not necessarily delay the progress of ethereum 2.0 however because once this goes out on PoW testnet then the test deposit contract can presumably be launched there and so be linked with the Proof of Stake (PoS) phase 0 testnet.

It’s not quite clear when the eth2 testnet may launch, but hopefully sometime this summer with it presumably needing the eth1 testnet for it to somewhat realistically test the live environment where we see how these test eth move to the PoS chain and then what they do there.

Then the eth1 upgrade needs to go out, followed by the launch of the deposit contract, with the genesis block then going out.

So things are moving and they’re getting close but estimating when either of them may launch might now be pointless as dates keep changing. Leaving the best estimate as just soon-ish.


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