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BLS Finally Merges, Ethereum Upgrade Incoming


BLS eth1 devnet launches, June 2020

One of ethereum’s main client, Geth, has just launched a new version which includes Boneh–Lynn–Shacham (BLS) signatures.

The release contains “implementations of all EIPs currently scheduled for the upcoming Berlin fork,” they say.

The corse Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) cited in the release are EIP-2537: Precompile for BLS12-381 curve operations; and EIP-2315: JUMPSUB for the EVM.

There’s now a running devnet (pictured above) with Péter Szilágyi, the maintainer of Geth, stating: “Go and try to break things!”

According to the previous schedule an optimistic timeline for the testnet launch may be as soon as next week.

The testnet of course is the near live environment for testing with ‘fake’ tokens to try and break it so that security can be increased to the fullest extent once it goes live.

Previously they gave only six weeks for the testnet, so it may go live maybe by early August if all goes fine, but there’s no rush as for now arguably the testnet is the most important thing because BLS is needed for eth 2.0.

There’s been a new spec version 0.12 for eth2 which clients are trying to implement with a devnet running there as well.

It’s not quite clear when the eth2 testnet might launch, but they’re getting fairly close with it now maybe in weeks rather than months.

Conceptually coordination here might be a bit tricky but you’d think once the eth1 bls testnet launches, they can launch the eth2 deposit contract on the bls testnet.

Then they can launch the eth2 testnet, linking to the bls deposit contract, and then at that point we’ll probably find some time to see just what is this whole thing.

So if it progresses as we’re thinking, then we’ll be able to send test eth to the bls deposit contract, ‘see’ it fly off to the eth2 testnet where we can be validators, and then from our perspective we’re done if it all works fine.

Others however who plan to stake will probably want to see what rewards they get, how they might be slashed, businesses in particular might want to see how they can potentially get hacked, and so everyone would be getting ready for the actual real full launch.

When? Well, Devcon probably at the earliest if there is one this year, but at this point they can take their time as long as it launches soonish.

Because people are busy with defi and rollups now, but ethereum 2.0 of course makes all of them a lot slicker with it not long to go now until it goes live.