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Bitcoin Struggles to Take $10,000


All quiet on the western front until bitcoin rose with some speed yesterday on the one minute candle.

Yup, we leet traders, and watching it move with some speed by about $100 got everyone’s attention.

A show was on, the question being what sort. Was this really to rise? Why not. All them protesters saying: F the system, go bitcoin. Chinese people rushing to get some amid continued yuan fall. To say nothing of the mass devaluation of all other fiat money.

So bitcoin moved with speed again now by about $200 and just stood there for a bit at around $9980.

Little eth stood there with bitcoin too, but then said F this. Staying for a few seconds at precisely $250 as if to say bitcoin??? comme annn.

$10,000. That big number flashed the screen with bulls for once excited. Troll boxes up and down the world – at least the cool ones – painted the fast moving scene in jubilation.

Then someone said: ok F this, I’m buying back in. Vru vru vru vru red red to $9,500. Few straight up to $9,800. Then up again to $9,982.

It has been far too long since we’ve seen this playboy, with fun apparently now allowed again.

At least for a few minutes, because then someone said this may sideway for years. LOL. YEARS!!!!!!

Maybe, if by sideways he means papapapapap up, vru vru vru down, few up, then swimming on just about a noticeable new level.

It’s a big resistance line here though, but maybe only one of many. An upper resistance line for once. A fun one, for once.