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Bitcoin Rises as North Korea Ratchets Up Tensions


Bitcoin has seen a 5% gain today to $9,500 amid a brewing standoff in the pacific following increased tensions between China and America.

North Korea has blown up within its borders an empty liaison building used to communicate with South Korea.

Kim Jong-un’s sister has made more threats, including a warning that North Korea is ready to enter the demilitarised zone.

Bitcoin's price on 15 minutes candles, June 2020
Bitcoin’s price on 15 minutes candles, June 2020

CNY has fallen a bit against the dollar while stocks are up around 3% with bitcoin turning from a downwards direction to move still within range until it takes $10,000.

Today’s somewhat symbolic action by North Korea however is turning everyone’s attention towards the region where a lot has been happening while everyone was preoccupied with other things.

Soon after China ended its lockdown, there were unverified pictures of Kim Jong-un used as evidence that he had passed.

Just what exactly happened there is not too clear, but 4chan was quickly in love with his sister, who now appears to be in charge.

This all occurred while America was in full blown panic, enflamed by certain social media outlets, with the US navy in the region standing put in ports.

Hence we got in March a somewhat rare display of the Chinese navy which moved like a boss.

Chinese navy, April 2018
Chinese navy, April 2018

The above picture was shared more recently in March, though it appears to be from 2018, with fog obviously to be expected in these matters.

Nonetheless there were a number of incidents in the area involving non Chinese regional fishing ships with the formed perception at the time being that China is ruling the waters while America was in a pitstop.

Now three US carriers and the whole striking band is making their way to the South China sea, with the featured image picture suggested to be them, but that’s not quite something we can verify.

So bringing us to this symbolic gesture of the blowing up of an empty building by North Korea which months earlier shook hands with America, making it quite unclear just what exactly happened around December 2019 where these matters are concerned.

We had of course the Iran show, as awful as it is to call it that, with it possible something has been happening underneath and has gone entangegly wrong.

The Chinese prime minister was in Germany recently, so one can’t discount that the matters are serious, with tensions currently the highest they’ve ever been between US and China in living memory.

Which means diplomats need to get round the table amid all this posturing by both sides.