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Banks and Hedge Funds Platform Integrates Bitcoin and Ethereum


A platform for banks and brokers, private banks, hedge funds, and asset managers, has integrated bitcoin and other cryptos.

“Our clients are already dipping their toes into crypto,” TradingScreen says, adding they want to be where their clients are:

“We are building out a centralized network for institutional market participants to access crypto exchanges and are incredibly excited to offer our clients the ability to employ institutional-grade tools for trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies via spot and futures.”

They have integrated with numerous exchanges, brokers and crypto platforms, including Gemini, FalconX, Deribit and others.

The new site they’ve launched simply proclaims “institutional crypto trading has arrived.”

They say they provide access to market makers and brokers with an inbuilt compliance engine as well as access to custody services.

This so being a platform for banks, hedge funds and other institutional investors to connect to different exchanges or other brokers to place and execute buy and sell orders.

It’s not clear how many clients TradingScreen has but 30% of their clients are asset managers, 40% hedge funds, 15% banks and brokers and 15% private banks.

So marking the beginning of a new stage as the infrastructure is now being built for the considerable integration of the old and the new financial system.