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China Releases “Com­mand­ing Heights” Blockchain Plan


Beijing has released a 26 points plan on their strategy towards blockchain technology which they say is guided by Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

In what we think are the more interesting points, they aim to “build an independent and controllable underlying open source technology platform, explore and develop trusted chips, intelligent servers and operating systems based on the blockchain, and build an internationally influential Blockchain open source community, build an innovative and active blockchain open source ecosystem. 

Build a unified digital identity platform, unified government data sharing platform, unified social credit platform, and unified cross-chain interaction.

Combine with Beijing’s government affairs cloud, the big data platform and other information facilities, so that a credible information infrastructure system supporting the development of digital economy and digital society is gradually formed. 

Encourage scientific research institutions, colleges and universities to initiate or participate in the development and revision of blockchain international, national and industry standards, accelerate the development of basic, key and security standards for core technologies, and enhance the right to speak and rule internationally. 

Build a world-class new blockchain research and development institution. Integrate the strength of scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, and establish the Beijing Blockchain Research Institute to incorporate the city’s new research and development institution system; accelerate the achievement of transformative and disruptive breakthroughs in blockchain theory, methods, tools, systems, and output a batch of original theoretical achievements and key technologies with international leading level. 

Based on the city’s credit information platform, use blockchain technology to achieve social credit supervision and provide public credit services. Innovate in regards to the collection and integration of government and social credit data, information sharing, monitoring and evaluation, and independent application. Build a social credit system of co-building, co-governance, and sharing, and form a blockchain-based credit application innovation demonstration in the fields of healthcare, housekeeping, and recruitment mode.

Explore the application of blockchain technology in the construction of urban transportation, power, water conservancy, information and other infrastructure. Mobilize active participation of multiple parties in the public green carbon demonstration of public travel, credible monitoring of urban water resources, and promote the availability of urban data. Trust and finance sharing promotes the efficient management and effective allocation of urban resources and enhances the level of digitization, intelligence and refinement of urban management. 

Promote the application of blockchain technology in the field of commercial transactions. Develop business scenarios for online and offline integration of digital trade, cross-border trade, online retail, etc., and improve the credibility of transaction subjects and transaction content, as well as improve the transparency and traceability of the transaction process.

Cultivate blockchain innovation enterprise clusters. Focus on building a blockchain integrated industrial chain system by creating an innovative leading enterprise with global influence and by cultivating a group of unicorn enterprises and characteristically high-growth enterprises. Provide application scenario support for small and medium-sized innovative enterprises and promote collaborative development on the industrial chain downstream.

Build a blockchain industry innovation development base. Focus on building unique and advantageous blockchain industry innovation development bases in Haidian District, Chaoyang District, Tongzhou District, etc.

Set up a special sub-fund for blockchain industry investment under the Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Fund to coordinate government investment and social capital, and actively support blockchain innovation projects to become bigger and stronger. 

Implement special talent introduction actions, and strongly support the introduction of talents and innovation and entrepreneurship teams at home and abroad who are in urgent need of the key core technology of blockchain. 

In the talent programs of Gaoju Engineering and Beijing Scholars, we will increase the introduction, cultivation and support of blockchain talents to provide convenient conditions for qualified talents. 

Encourage blockchain enterprises to establish corporate universities, and accelerate the training of professional technical personnel such as blockchain system architects, development engineers, and test engineers. In the city’s professional and technical personnel knowledge update project, high-tech industrial skills improvement training, focus on blockchain-related training. Incorporate blockchain training into the cadre education and training system and build a high-quality professional cadre team. 

Insist on combining long-term and short-term investment.

Strengthen the promotion of blockchain application demonstration projects and popularize the basic knowledge of blockchain. 

Vigorously promote the advanced model in the field of blockchain, and create a good public opinion environment for blockchain technology and industrial development.”

This somewhat wholistic implementation plan by the Beijing Municipal People’s Government is seemingly aiming at streamlining the whole process through a close collaboration of the government, academia and private enterprise.

What’s most interesting is it appears they funnel the smarter ones from school to the enterprise through numerous laddered talent programs.

That school like environment then continues as they go off to businesses which may have been established by the government.

Those businesses are encouraged to grow and perhaps crucially are encourage to form what we might call a supply chain cluster.

The businesses that do grow are then encouraged to go public and raise money from the public with some of them IPO-ing in America.

The government in all this appears to act as the maestro orchestrating the whole concert of the entire economy. Thus giving us in a nutshell the China model with its socialist characteristics.