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Queen Merkel and Emperor Macron Want to Go to Mars, Will They Take Bitcoin?


Europe is rising, in ambition, in optimism, in dreams, in leadership, and in confidence.

Freed at last and united once more, many look up to Merkel and Macron – their office of course not necessarily the individuals – as Europe once more begins to place itself in the centre of the world.

The European people in the continent go from Iceland to Baku in the Caspian Sea, where you can draw a straight line up to get your European Russia, and then a straight line to the left to go through Istanbul and then the better parts of Tunisia, Algeria and Moroco.

They largely share the same history, though with regional variations, and they’re largely the same people although again with regional variations.

Their prosperity depends on one another and significantly so, and when two of them fight in this massive square we’ve drawn, it tends to draw all of them into fighting.

Meaning they depend on each other and quite significantly for their security too. And thus the chief aim in Europe as we’ve drawn it is to ensure free trade to the fullest extent possible and the free movement of goods especially and also people.

Much of that has been achieved by Europe and to the point its richer part sees itself as having a new and distinct identity: European.

The Puzzle

Half of Russia is not European, and half of Turkey is not European, and England as an island is more a sea dweller.

Then there’s the Balkan region where they all meet and that Balkan region is seen too narrowly because it has changed hands so often.

If we draw it, we’d go back to Baku and up where the Caspain Sea ends, and then in a straight line to the left up to Croatia, down through the Adriatic sea to Istanbul or Greece.

Much has been lost to history but the two big seas in that square, the Black Sea and where the Caspian Sea begins because Romans couldn’t go past it, would have made these peoples trade significantly more with each other, thus eventually developing into generally one peoples.

Which is why they have often been occupied yet have never been retained or assimilated like the Danes and the Celts were.

So creating a far more complicated picture in the aim of economic integration to the point of a merger because Turkey for example has a holistic interest not just that of what can be described as European Turkey.

Yet those other interests are more below that Istanbul line where other people begin who are significantly more distinct than those within the big square.

Likewise for Russia to its right. While for UK, it’s obviously the seas, all the way to Hong Kong and India.

So we get here both a merger and a division of labour with the interest of all within that big square to not meddle politically and to ensure there is no fighting between any two parties however big or small they may be.

A grand alliance thus of a one peoples, and not a concert of alliances. The aim of course prosperity for all and the launch of a European rocket to Mars and beyond.

Economics Not Politics

Macron and Merkle are to meet next month in a grand summit in Paris to sort out yet another legacy matter, this time on the status of Kosovo.

There have apparently been some tensions since 2018 between Kosovo and Serbs even though they both eat one byrek and if they didn’t speak different languages or didn’t have different religions, they wouldn’t be able to tell a difference between each other with both just as poor, and both seeing so many of their people leave because of it and because of the wars.

China apparently has taken a side here, investing in Serbia and not recognizing Kosovo.

They hopefully don’t need a reminder that both world wars began in the Balkans and that it is in no one’s interest whatever to see any return to utter stupidity.

To the contrary, there should be practically no borders where the free movement of people or goods is concerned within all of the Balkan region, including Greece and all the way to Istanbul and to Baku.

Something they already have for the Western Balkans except for Greece, and something they’re trying towards having for the entire Balkan region which kind of has been divided by some countries being included in the EU and some not.

Not included because Greece apparently wanted some North in Macedonia, while the nationalist Serbian government is apparently still too deluded now two decades on in going so far as to campaign towards countries not recognizing Kosovo.

All of this familiar to people a century ago in Northern Europe who like monkeys went on about my tribe or your tribe when you can’t tell a difference between them and when instead they can move freely and trade freely and stay whatever tribe they are.

That’s of course the challenge with it to be seen whether Merkel and Macron have the diplomatic and negotiation skills to get them to shake hands and so secure the European border.

China, The Distant Kingdom

America has agreed to have a US-EU-China table to reach some economic understanding on trade relations between the three superpowers.

If Europe shares the same concerns as America, especially regarding market access, then China presumably would be more willing to listen because they could potentially afford losing America, but not also Europe.

In many things however all three share common interests, like having a growing global economy, but China’s ability and willingness to kick out western companies or to ban French cheese necessarily creates some tensions.

Merkel here arguably has the strongest hand, with an opportunity available to lower significantly the growing tensions, but under an understanding that the Silk Road must go both ways.

She is about to take the European presidency and that’s just before the longest ruler in the world leaves next year as Germany has elections.

With circumstances giving her a full plate and thus so showing perhaps just what exactly is modern Germany.

Rocket Science

“The European Union will plough more money into rocket launches, satellite communication and space exploration to preserve its often unsung successes in space and keep up with US and Chinese ambitions, its space chief said on Sunday.”

A united Europe, with its gravity to pull in Moscow, London and Istanbul, can only dream of what it can achieve and how much nicer its modern Acropolises would be in replacing the brutalist architecture of so called modernism.

The joined resources of the continent under European sovereignty, not only can send us to Mars a lot quicker, but can also modernize and digitize the financial system and all systems a lot more to the likings of the 21st century.

Its deep aversion to war, an ingrained aversion learned at great expense, can further reduce any waste of resources while opening the window for intellect to flourish.

And all of this is not even rocket science, but more a self evident aim and ambition of the best of Europe to raise their continent once more to the level of prosperity, civilization and aspiration it belongs.

For there is no reason why the 20s shouldn’t be the beginning of a golden age as millennials demand with ever increasing and louder voices.

For that, the grandpas everywhere need to lower their bickering, and preferably shake hands, and open the way for market competition and the competition of the pen.

As we too would like to be told our stories, and one of a prosperous and peaceful age when man expanded to see the universe.