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Will Musk ICO SpaceX?


Elon Musk has overtaken Warren Buffet to make him the 7th richest man on earth at an estimated wealth of $70 billion.

Still far below Jeff Bezos’ $189 billion however, and not that much more than his wife who got $60 billion for decorating his bed.

Yet the 49 year old Musk is the youngest richest man on earth, with much of it ($55 billion) coming from Tesla which saw its stock price surge.

The remaining $15 billion comes from SpaceX, the aerospace company that is transforming the industry and has brought it all very much to life.

Europeans are now looking with some awe and jealousy as they saw the first manned flight by a private company to the international space station where there were Americans and Russians, but no French or Germans, not even a Johny English.

They have their Ariane, and have finally woken up to the need to compete, but last year there were only 4 Ariane launches. SpaceX did 12.

SpaceX moreover has the ability to inspire by tapping into other modern technologies like livestreaming.

When the two Americans landed on the international space station for example, we could see the live footage, but no sound.

You can’t have real-time sound from space you dummy, was probably the comment repeated in many houses and gatherings, and then they spoke, and in real time.

That opens imagination, and for an entire global watching public, except in China apparently where even science is nationalist as they seemingly were not very aware of this historic event.

Very rich Europe of course has the ability to ride arm in arm with Musk to the frontier, and they most likely will as they have finally realized they need to spend a lot more on research and development at a continental level.

But what is different about SpaceX is that this is one of the biggest privately held company, and it’s the only one of its kind and size. There are smaller ones as we’ve seen by the launch of smaller rockets in New Zealand by private companies.

ICO When???

The Shortsellers Enrichment Commission (SEC), as Musk likes to call them, has done its best to squash any attempt at innovation in the United States by bypassing the court system through the use of its vast resources to bully extremely smart and ambitious young men and some women.

Three years after this crusade against innovators, a court made it clear once more that there is actually no legal precedence on even whether Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) come within SEC’s jurisdiction.

Yet that hasn’t stopped the dumb old bureaucrats that belong to centuries long gone from attempting to crush any innovation that tries to digitize and modernize the old and stuffy stock market.

They can play with these little kids, however, but big boy Musky can maybe take on these bureaucrats and wake them up to the realization that this digital age has landed.

After the Tesla experience Musk probably does not want to go public with SpaceX at all as that opens room for other billionaires to attack it with rumors exaggerations and the rest, with the help of the Shortsellers Enrichment Commission of course.

But that’s Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), the playground of bankers and old Buffetts that are busy deciding between Coke and Pepsi.

ICOs on the other hand are our space, where we the techies play, the young Muskies. No banker here to get a $20 million fee for the right to control stock issuance and potentially even lie about how many have actually been issued since there is no certain audibility of these paper methods of capital formation.

With an ICO on the other hand, Musk can maybe even personally issue the SpaceX shares himself by copy pasting a smart contracts tokens template and so publishing it on ethereum.

Then his lawyers can file all the silly paperwork with SEC, or maybe even in Europe, or both so as to give Musk the right to choose.

And then those handful of billionaires would have to deal with an army of a global peoples that hodl SpaceX and meme the billionaires and the Shortsellers Enrichment Commission back to the 19th century where they belong.

Do it Musky. Get the party started bro and free the people because it can be done and fully legally, and because it is about time we announce the arrival of the digital space age.