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Bitcoin and Ethereum to Debut at the $4.5 Trillion Family Offices Gathering


Family offices summit to discuss bitcoin and ethereum, July 2020

Sheiks, Sultans, princes and princesses are to meet in Monaco at the end of this month in an exclusive gathering where they will discuss investment strategies.

And this year they will be talking a lot about bitcoin and ethereum, as well as blockchain and digital assets in general.

Eric Demuth of Bitpanda will be there, Bitpanda being kind of Europe’s Coinbase for bitcoin and crypto buying and selling.

Fiorenzo Manganiello, professor of blockchain tech at the Geneva Business School will also be in attendance. As will Monty Metzger of the Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange and many others.

They will be speaking about things like “Real Revenues and Profits with the Blockchain: How to invest in companies making money now, explained by a Co-Inventor of the Blockchain.”

There will also be a Digital Assets & Security Token Offerings (STOs) session as well as “Blockchain & Business – Delivering Real World Benefits,” and “Growth Capital in Digital Tech – Looking beyond the Technology.”

Those are just some of the sessions when 600 family offices are expected to gather between the 28th and 30th of July at Fairmont Monte Carlo Hotel.

This is the “most exclusive and influential gathering of family wealth ever held,” the organizers claim and it’s the biggest of its kind they say.

Another key field they’re looking at is artificial intelligence which is a somewhat ambiguous term that covers things like data mining as well as edge computing.

These can at times be combined with blockchain tech as a recent paper shows, making these two hot investment fields potentially complementary.