Was the Mass Hacking of Twitter Accounts, Including Bill Gates, Binance, Coindesk, Tron, and Bitfinex, an Intelligence Operation? – Trustnodes

Was the Mass Hacking of Twitter Accounts, Including Bill Gates, Binance, Coindesk, Tron, and Bitfinex, an Intelligence Operation?



Numerous very prominent twitter accounts have just been hacked with all of them claiming to have two factors authentication, suggesting the resources that would have been required are probably at a state level.

Just how this happened is unclear but there appears to be little monetary gain here, about 8 btc, but one can read a political message.

Bill Gates' twitter hacked, July 2020
Bill Gates’ twitter hacked, July 2020

A few weeks back 4chan was dancing on apparently leaked loging details of the Wuhan Institute with seemingly nothing coming from it.

Then suddenly the co-founder of Cointelegraph, Toni Lane Casserly, was found dead in very unclear circumstances in April of this year at the very ripe age of 29.

Little is known about Casserly, with no suggestion this had anything to do with the significant tensions that have developed since March, but the US intelligence service has been very busy with it very unclear whether this mass hacking of twitter accounts has anything to do with them.

Yet, despite the throwing of a Coinbase bone and the Elon Musk, perhaps to deflect and so make any opinion pure speculation, there were many crypto accounts owned by Chinese individuals or companies, but also Obama’s account was hacked as well as Biden’s.

Bill Gates of course has a certain reputation regarding ongoing events, and the message sent here from whoever or whatever could be read as perceive propaganda: CryptoForHealth.

The choice of the now well known scam method of two BTC for one can also suggest in the view of the hacker, these targeted accounts are scammers or alternatively this is just an anonymous way of identifying themselves as some have suggested.

The hacker could of course be a 4channy, but whoever or whatever it is, they’re clearly communicating that twitter has a backdoor which bypasses even 2Fa, and that they have found this backdoor.

That implicates other social media. That Facebook accounts can easily be hacked for exampled as we found out ourself when one of our articles was spammed by hacked accounts.

When we reached out to Facebook at the time, we received no response and they took no action as fake comments by hacked accounts kept coming.

Logically you would think that also implicates Google, as for months now not only have they done little to tackle the scam infestation of Youtube, but only recently they even showed scam ads in the same style of two bitcoins for one.

With much of this being automated, it is of course somewhat difficult to address such bot scam problem, but that’s if you ignore the fact Dogecoin’s co-founder was able to code in his own time and for free and very quickly a simple script to block all these scammy posts that back then in 2018 were infesting Elon Musk’s twitter.

Suggesting the then Twitter’s inaction for months was more a choice than a matter of capability, with this hack now raising that suspicion even further because there is no way all of these accounts could be hacked if Twitter was not giving access to someone or some entity and in a way that bypasses 2Fa.