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Bitcoin Maxis Kick Out Tuur Demeester


Bitcoin maxis kick out Tuur Demeester

Bitcoin maximalists have forced Tuur Demeester, a bitcoin proponent and until recently one of ethereum’s chief critic, to lock his Twitter.

As pictured above his Twitter page now says: “These Tweets are protected.
Only approved followers can see @TuurDemeester’s Tweets.”

What happened exactly is not clear but this is just days after he publicly tweeted that he bought eth, stating:

“ETH/BTC technicals are looking bullish so I’m long. (I still think ETH has extremely problematic fundamentals).”

That must have angered some bitcoin maxis who presumably stormed his twitter especially as the eth/btc ratio is at a crucial point with some technical analysis suggesting a flippening may be envisionable.

And bitcoin maxis are flippening. Blockstream’s biggest backer, Bitfinex, has launched a dapp on ethereum, DeversiFi, which claims to be “a high-speed, non-custodial exchange released in June 2020 built using StarkWare’s layer 2 scaling engine.”

The first sign of community level flippening occurred when Tether moved to eth last year, with bitcoin maxis now unable to ignore the defi space.

Yet they’re trying their best to keep at least some in line, with Demeester apparently being their lightning rod presumably because he has some 200,000 followers and because him announcing he was going long was seen by many as a confirmation of a trend.

He was probably confident to make such announcement because a lot of bitcoin maxis have said roughly the same thing, so making it more acceptable to be a bitcoiner and an ethhead.

Not least because the two are quite complementary, with bitcoin more disrupting central banking due to its hard money stock to flow store of value fixed limit. While eth is disrupting commercial banking and finance in general as well as the stock market and everything.

So these twitter things are probably just kids playing games as bitcoiners and ethereans are and have always been the best of friends.

Thus eth maxis are probably quite happy to have Demeester if he starts looking more at the fundamentals which are sound, rather than focusing on only the problematic ones, but unlike bitcoin, eth is a very competitive field and here code is king far more than words because this is the builders space.

Meaning it isn’t quite clear whether he can stand out where things are happening, but he can try.