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Teku Seeks Audit


Teku ethereum 2.0

One of the main ethereum 2.0 clients, PegaSys’ Teku which focuses on institutional staking, is seeking an audit to get ready for the launch of ethereum 2.0 in three months.

According to a statement by ConsenSys, Teku has taken part in all multi-client testnets so far with the testnet to launch now in two weeks.

“The launch of the Eth2 beacon chain is now only a small number of months away, and we are working hard to ensure that Teku will be production-ready in good time,” they say.

The client missed being part of the attacknet which was launched just yesterday, with Lighthouse and Prysm participating.

Danny Ryan, the ethereum 2.0 coordinator, said Teku is next to join the attacknet, which is a devnet designed for hackers to break it in return for bounties.

Before calling on the haxors, you need an audit and full confidence the code is ready for public scrutiny. Thus Teku is at the final stages of joining the others.

Whether that will be in good time for the testnet, which is basically the mainnet but with fake eth, is not very clear.

Yet devs have said they will launch if two clients are ready, but preferably three, with two clients being ready currently, and the third being fairly close.

There was also Status’ Nimbus, but it’s not quite clear what happened to it with that potentially joining later as well.

As ethereum has slashing for misbehavior which increases based on how many are slashed, the more clients there are, the better as if a client has a bug that brings it down, those in other clients won’t be slashed.

But other clients can join later with Nimbus potentially having mobile clients as a differentiator.