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Maker Joins the Defi Party, Balancer Up 17%, Eth Almost Takes $280


DXdao girls, March 2020

Maker has risen by 12% today with new boy DXdao (pictured) up close to 40% as the defi party continues.

Balancer has gone up too, 17% at the time of writing, with much green here including renBTC, up 6% because bitcoin is uppening.

That’s because eth boy seems to have found the bull, who has been hiding for years now but these defi kids with their stake appear to have locate.

Top defis, July 2020
Top defis, July 2020

Many noobs here including Yearn Finance which is cheeky enough to say why not advertise even on the ticker brav.

Andrej is apparently devops fan. You remember him? I just clicking buttons and boom, half a million eth frozen.

Andre “I test in prod” Cronje seems to have some sort of cult following himself, with a 1000x dapp to be expected from him soonish. That being the biggest leverage ever, anywhere.

Then there’s the even newer noob, DXdao. Their website is kind enough to tell us almost nothing, except invite us to chats and codes, but they do say:

“Mesa is an Open Source interface for the Gnosis Protocol, a fully permissionless DEX that enables ring trades to maximize liquidity.”

Naturally we have no clue what any of that means, but Martin K√∂ppelmann of Gnosis follows them on twitter, as well as a few others we follow, so presumably they’re legit.

There’s now 52 defi dapps on the market, quite a few of which we haven’t heard of, with it a growing space and so eth is growing with it too.

Eth one minute chart, July 2020
Eth one minute chart, July 2020

It has been a very long time since eth ignored bitcoin and in this very zoomed in chart, one minute candles, it looks a bit like a little bull run.

Disbelief is strong however. You can hear the chorus yourself saying it’s going too fast, too much, can’t go any further, or as bitcoiners now like to say, scamwick.

Muh bart has turned into lisa, with what used to be ugly charts now looking butiful, but for how long and whether a party has indeed began-ish, remains to be seen.