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Ethereum Searches Spike


Ethereum searches have seen a big jump in the United States and across the world according to Google Trends.

Interest in ethereum is now twice as high as at any point this year and has spiked to its highest level in three years.

Ethereum searches for the past five years, July 2020
Ethereum searches for the past five years, July 2020

Little Kosovo apparently likes ethereum as does very big China with the whole world liking it at 35 out of 100 where 100 is the peak of interest.

The last time it spiked in 2019 it only reached 32, with this level of interest not seen since February 2018.

Interestingly bitcoin has not seen a similar spike. There too interest has risen, but not quite at the same scale as for eth.

Bitcoin searches, July 2020
Bitcoin searches, July 2020

For the past five years, searches in bitcoin are at 13 out of 100, while for eth as we saw it’s about three times more than that.

Searches for bitcoin however are a lot more numerous than for eth with Google not providing exact data, but comparatively they say bitcoin is at 84, while eth has jumped to 15, presumably that being 15 of bitcoin’s 100.

It’s not clear however whether these search data are a lagging indicator or a leading one with it probably being a combination of both as people hear price has risen, wonder what’s goin on, and then some might buy.

Those some then perhaps contribute to a further price rise, with others wondering what’s goin on, and so the cycle.