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Huge Explosion Rocks Beirut


Massive explosion in Beirut, August 2020

A massive explosion has hit the port of Beirut with some reporting windows were shattered for miles.

In an utterly shocking video, huge smoke is seen before an entire building explodes in what looks like a massive fire that is then engulfed by smoke as far as maybe 500 meters or more.

This is breaking news with it unclear currently just what happened, but the white building that exploded is apparently some silo that “consists of 48 big cells with the capacity of 2,500 tons/cell and 50 small cells with the capacity of 500 tons/cell.”

Some 2750 tons of nitrate where apparently stored at the port confiscated by authorities and then forgotten about, but in the video one can see massive smoke near the building with it unclear how it arose before it reached it with some suggesting a firecracker may have accidentally ignited it.

The situation in Lebanon is currently very dire due to a severe financial crisis that has led to months of intense protests.

This explosion therefore comes at a perilous time for this very beautiful costal place just off Turkey and Cyprus.

It used to be called the Paris of the region, with its position next door to Turkey, Israel and Europe making it somewhat strategic.