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Ethereum Google Searches Reach Yearly High


Ethereum Google searches reach yearly high, August 2020

People want to know what’s going on with ethereum more than at any other time this year.

That’s both in the United States and worldwide, with interest worldwide seemingly bigger according to Google Trends.

Ethereum Google searches, August 2020
Ethereum Google searches, August 2020

China used to dominate this map, but now its grey, with the circa $400 billion Nigerian economy seemingly dominating.

Just how these countries are ranked is not too clear as you can be sure the 5 people or so (2 million) in both Macedonia and Kosovo are not searching more than the one million more Brits that bought crypto last year.

That means it is probably self referring to within the country itself at 1 to 100 of searches in Nigeria only, and the second one then probably refers to Nigeria as well.

Making it all a pretty stupid way of ranking these countries, but as you can see there’s a lot of blue eth across the world.

In addition bitcoin has been more yoyo-ing, seeing yearly highs during the halvening instead of now.

Bitcoin Google searches, August 2020
Bitcoin Google searches, August 2020

This difference in Google searches is reflected in the recent ethereum ratio mini bull run against bitcoin.

Suggesting there’s some correlation between price and searches as people are clearly more interested in eth than they previously were, rather than in bitcoin.

In a straight comparison however bitcoin dominates by far, although ethereum has been increasing to now 14 while bitcoin is at 72.

Both are very far from their all time high with bitcoin at 15 while ethereum is at just 3 in a comparison between the two over the past five years.

But just last month ethereum was at 1 and during its very peak in December 2017 it did not reach more than 9 while bitcoin was at 100.

So relatively speaking it looks like interest in eth is growing faster, and that’s most likely because of the rise of defi as well as the now weeks away ethereum 2.0 genesis block launch.