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Kaminska Officiates the Return of the Bitcoin Bull


Izabella Kaminska

Bitcoin has been rising and like clockwork, Izabella Kaminska (pictured) of FT is back at raging about it.

In a most ludicrous editorial – insert Trump accent – perhaps ever, she goes on to explain ostensibly very seriously how bitcoin and QAnon are the same.

Calling bitcoin rat poison failed, worthless, not backed by nuffin, ponzi, pyramid, criminal, reeeeeeee…, all failed. So they’re now trying calling it whatever is the new hot dislike. Kaminska says:

“Bitcoin is focused on the idea that the financial system is a corrupt intermediary whose true agenda is to control of the money supply, and further its own empowerment.

QAnon is predicated on the [suggestion] that the government, and all other notable institutions, have been infiltrated by untrustworthy elements whose true agenda is their own empowerment at the cost of the people’s.”

Just who is this QAnon is not very clear with Google, as is customary nowadays, providing no information amid the ree reee reee in search result after search result.

But a commenter said it best: “It sounds like someone has applied mass marketing techniques and identified a segment that responds to a certain type of message.”

If we had to cut through all the nonsense, it sounds basically like a Trump fan group with bells and whistles.

It’s election time however so corporate media is clearly a bit angry they can’t just dictate elections anymore like they used to because there’s this new media now that is “blowing up our shared reality” according to Ethan Zuckerman, Director of MIT’s Center for Civic Media.

Google bots
The saddest thing one ever said is that 4chan was right again.

“Unstopped, [QAnon] risks forging yet more parallel platforms, parallel media, and in the worst case scenario a counterinsurgency that brings about a parallel government, most likely funded by the world’s most successful darkweb parallel money system, bitcoin,” Kaminska says.

That same statement of course applies to Kaminska too, and her paper, which is trying to dictate a singular world, but even within that singular world, considering the ever increasingly curated public space by giant corporations like Google et al, or FT, that one of the two biggest parties in America would try and form a ‘parallel universe’ is hardly very surprising.

What is surprising is the apparent inability of the left to grasp the changing media landscape and how elections nowadays are fought more in digital spaces than on traditional media outlets.

Not that the left can be blamed too much because of the atrocity that happened in Oslo some years ago which took their young, but where the right is concerned they saw how Ron Paul was treated by the media in 2012.

Unlike the left’s powerlessness in regards to countering what to them was a great mistreatment by the media and other institutions for both Corbyn and Sanders, the digital right succeeded in countering it to the point they secured a close win for Trump.

So Kaminska may have a very general point in that new things, and tech especially, is disrupting old things, but she goes on to say this:

“The core underpinning technology of Bitcoin — blockchain — bundles the information into blocks, authenticates the blocks with proof of work, and posts the authentications into an ever evolving merkle tree at regular intervals.

The core underpinning technology of QAnon, is the tripcode which helps authenticate that drops or crumbs really come from Q.”

Any bitcoiner reading this would be very intrigued about this tripcode because the Merkle Tree is a beautiful work of some of the brightest minds that do live and have lived.

The tripcode however appears to be just a way to kind of sign with a private key – to hash – your nickname so as to prove identity in a digital form, with the ‘crumbs’ referred here being posts on online forums.

It’s pretty cool, but hardly some marvel of science. Not that Kaminska would know much about science.

This writer about finance, which in many ways is science, studied art at aristocratic Chelsea, and then ancient history, and then a masters in journalism.

Just to show what her connections might be, she managed to effectively straight out of school get a Graduate trainee job at Reuters.

Most are lucky to start off at a tiny local paper that barely pays enough to eat, let alone cover rent, but this genius mind secured Reuters as her first stop, through Daddy presumably or Mummy.

That does suggest this parallel universe theory may have something to it, with meritocracy nowadays more: who is your daddy.

So then let us show how if you examine QAnon closely it follows a playbook. The one established by Kaminska.

Both Kaminska and QAnon are outrageous in their statements because they both know the more it is an out there statement, the more ridiculing it will attract, pointing at, raging at, ‘it’s wrong’ shouting, and thus the more it gets the message out with the extra benefit that it might fool some people.

Both Kaminska and QAnon are very flexible with facts to such extent she even stretches them to bitcoin. The point for both is to form opinions, not to inform. To tell you what to think, not for you to bother with thinking. Thus they do not put forward arguments, instead they Goebbels.

Both Kaminska and QAnon strive on playing to emotions. Good or bad are the only two propositions. For QAnon, Trump/Republicans (of their cloth) are good, Dems are bad. For Kaminska, the status quo (again of her cloth) is good, new ideas, suggestions, attempts, are bad.

This one will be complex but it is what truly shows Kaminska and QAnon are one and the same.

Both take a bit of truth and then either wrap it or hide it in a package that tries to most purely strike at the emotion of fear.

If you are scared, then the rational brain operates at a reduced level of logical analysis, and therefore statements made are incorporated either fully in their form or the whole subject being discussed becomes a subject you don’t want to touch.

In this way we have the establishment of authority because you can’t coolly analyze for yourself or participate in whatever is being discussed without going through the emotional impact of hard hitting emotional words which can take a toll as battling them requires sufficient energy to maintain reason still ‘activated’ in an environment where their statements are designed to make no easy rational sense while at the same time hitting emotions.

“QAnon is the fringe conspiracy theory linked to the far right that’s currently radicalising everyone from Midwestern moms to the teenage gaming community,” so opens Kaminska.

Their Wikipedia page has even more scary words, with both of course acting as in effect a gatekeeper: This is what it is, it’s scary, now go away.

QAnon does effectively the same. They mix hyperbole and mythical exaggeration with more objective matters like in their view ree postal voting.

Or in this case in Kaminska’s view reeee bitcoin because scary word after scary word.

Which means the corporate media is actually no better than QAnon, a movement that appears to be using the same playbook against them, presumably because it is they who taught them the playbook.

We shouldn’t forget these QAnons are being used as scapegoats for us to accept mass censorship and opinionated ranking of content on Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other places.

Under the excuse of some boogieman, they demanding more and more control over public spaces so that only what these people say can be the opinion of all.

In effect, they are doing all they can to maintain a governance system of tutelage, tutelage by an arts graduate who thinks it fit to lecture us on Merkle Trees.

A tutelage system to tell us that the billionaires should not be taxed more than millionaires because we could be billionaires too and then we would be taxed.

A tutelage system to tell us how immigrants are great, but inferior, and thus their oppression by the state under a ‘hostile environment’ is awful, but illegals.

A tutelage system to tell us how bad we have it and how all is rubbish, but there’s nothing we can do about it.

A tutelage system to tell us how Arabs wanting freedom in their own countries is weapons of mass destruction.

A tutelage system to tell us the razing of Syria in our time and by our hands is just geopolitics, something not for us to worry about.

A tutelage system that sings in a chorus, by a switch decides the issue today is Q-no one heard of.

A tutelage system to give the dogma of debt is good, that we should send all our production to China, that there is only one real candidate in any election, that a 4% fall in GDP due to banks given yachts to their bosses is a calamity, but a 20% fall is nothing to worry about.

An arrogant tutelage system that sends art graduates to lecture us about science and the economy.

And overall a tutelage system that the previous generation larped up fully, but as with most things overused, propaganda too becomes weak eventually, with trust in papers like FT now not even at 20% as corporate media continues to tut tut instead of inform the public.

Then they’re surprised when the public stops hearing them, and call the public fools, building parallel universes, even their own money!

How dare these peasants not kneel in front of the silver spoon that holds the absolute truth and does not dwell into the conspiracies of gated guilds.

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