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Miners Won’t Be Raising the Gas Limit Even as Fees Skyrocket


Ethereum fees balloon, Sep 2020

Ethereum miners currently have no intention of raising the gas limit despite fees ballooning to far beyond all time high.

Some $16 million worth of eth was collectively paid yesterday to the GPU mining farms generally concentrated in China.

That’s a 10x increase from just a couple of days ago, but if anyone was expecting any relief, none is coming.

Ethermine, one of the biggest mining pool, has not responded to our questions. Nor has F2Pool, but the latter has always been against raising the gas limit.

Generally Ethermine and Sparkpool lead an increase as in combination they are close to 51% of the ethereum hash.

In a very short comment, asked whether they have any plans to increase the gas limit, a Sparkpool spokesperson said “temporarily not.”

Without Sparkpool a gas increase is very unlikely, however pools are a collection of miners so if actual miners are for an increase, then they can move to a pool that wants to increase the limit or create one.

Not least because mobile data internet is now running at 1 MB/s. General desktop connections are at 100 Megabyte per second. Terabyte internet is on the way, terabyte storage has been here for nearly a decade.

Ethereum however still runs at the equivalent of about 1MB per every ten minutes. Making it slower than even during the 90s dial-up and for now there appears to be no plans to change that any time soon.

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