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Market Undecided on Where to Go


Crypto prices, Sep 2020

Sideways may be the name of the game now as bitcoin and other cryptos rise up a bit and down a bit, but generally still within the same price level.

After a hectic week and a hectic summer, a nice quiet September would be to the pleasure of plenty with bitcoin currently at that strong support line of $10,000.

It has briefly breached it a few times, just as it has briefly breached $12,000, but for some time it may well stay within that 10 to 12k range.

This price level presumably needs to become a bit more familiar to the market, and so it seems to be the price the market has currently discovered.

The endless printing that bitcoiners predicted is now in full swing. Coincidentally it comes right after the bitcoin halvening reduced its inflation rate to the Fed target of 2%.

The Turkish Lira keeps falling in value while the newest actor in the game of empires eyes an alliance with Pakistan, Malaysia and Iran.

That would form a block of 400 million people with a $2 trillion GDP. It would be in the middle of four empires. Ruski, Chyna, USA, USA, and zhermmane?, Frans?, Europe.

The dance of alliances to our disdain may well be here, with muted rage only in the skies at the return of geopolitics in our time.

The game is now next level, and the people so far are not quite playing because it’s not too clear whether this is a game of balance or of subjegation.

The dollar strength index has recovered a bit from 91.8 to above 93 with it sidewaying after a two years low against cny.

The British Pound has turned to red. Down to 1.3 from 1.34 against the dollar. It is now not far off from parity with the euro (wat?), down to 1.1.

The euro, a manufacturing powerhouse to rival the entire world combined if it wants to. Swizz, Swedes, Zhermaneh, Danes, Vienna, Lombardi, and Paris, in a most astonishing union at a most crucial moment for this Europe.

Here, it’s next level squared, with the next Chancellor of Germany mattering far, far more than the next US president. We even wrote a poem to it.

The ancient rivals of Turkey and Russia are now one of the four biggest continental players. OK five with engaland, but they off to the sea again.

Both have split Europe before, both can do so again. Both thus should be joined with the union in the Roman or Holly Roman way.

Easy said, close to impossible to do. Both want their own empire. Plenty would rather choose one or the other. Weakness and destruction the latter brings. Both must be joined at the hip.

An alliance of empires requires respect, but also an understanding of mutual benefit.

It is probable neither Turkey nor Germany has forgotten what happened last time after one of them left the other in the cold.

Just as it is probable Russia has not forgotten its complete incompetence at running half of Europe which they led to starvation after merely decades.

The latter needs to know what is good for itself, while Turkey is begging to be friends, so why shouldn’t they be friends?

Oil has fallen. Quite a lot actually from $46 to $39. Gold is sidewaying. Dow is down 1%. FTSE is unmoved. Shanghai stocks are sidewaying too after rising significantly during summer.

China has sent to space what they’d like to think is a SpaceX copy clone rocket. Thank god, you might say, competition has now moved to science, but where did they get that rocket knowhow from?

They aim to produce 200,000 engineers a year. Quite a few make their way to Europe and America. Some briefly. Some for good. Why didn’t Russia think of that last century? Oh yeah, because the borders were closed.

Europe Lo-Fi Girl, Sep 2020
Europe Lo-Fi Girl, Sep 2020

Europe goes all the way to Baku. That’s how far the Romans could go. The Russian girl is reading Russian Cosmism. Reminding us these are cultured people, albeit with a very uncultured civil service.

Yet in tech, and in eth especially, they seem to be building a lot of things. It is why you can’t fault some for wanting the above image to be the European empire, although including Georgia, Azerbajan’s Baku, and Armenia.

For that however Europe needs to move away from things like tiny Cyprus deciding trade policy with Canada by just rejecting it.

For sure small countries should have say, but not potentially war policy or peace with Turkey as Greece can be seen as doing for all of Europe.

That Serbia would want to interfere in tiny Montenegro is not a surprise. That Europe would allow it without even attempting to counteract it, it is not a surprise either but it is obviously a failure of duty.

Despite these challenges, or perhaps because of them as one can see the potential for opportunity, the euro strengthens, and with that comes the biggest question of our time. Who will rule Germany?

The lips of cherry,
the hair so straight,
the eyes of sky,
the shoulders haven,
the face the sun,
o the bright day,
where are art tho,
where are art angel.

You desk in pleasure,
and your pen,
your window tiny,
not for men,
and there thy poem,
what you write?
The leadership of man.

And say you atoms,
where art though,
fat or scared,
where your las,
in this day here,
in this globe wide,
who shall by law,
be king and god?

O sing you buties and butterflies,
go rage you riverss inn aa dance,
o dream you women and you lads,
in two deckades here,
ouree first time.

O beat the drummmsss,
the wedding started,
here go thy people,
courting magic,
who shall be king or indeed queen,
in this momental…. histrik.

Rabambam bam
pup pup
wje wje
tarararereeeeeeeee raaaaaaaaaa ai ai ai ai i (phonetic i or e as in english).

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