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Nasdaq Rolls Red Carpet For Bitstamp


Bitstamp, Nasdaq, Sep 2020

Bitstamp has been splashed on the main street of New York City by Nasdaq (pictured) following the announcement of integrating a new matching engine from Nasdaq’s technology vendor arm Market Technology.

“Bitstamp is once again leading the charge in the technological evolution of crypto trading, with the goal of making our industry more accommodating to sophisticated players used to the performance of traditional financial markets,” said David Osojnik, the Chief Technology Officer at Bitstamp.

One of the oldest crypto exchange currently handling some $200 million in trading volumes, “now runs on infrastructure on par with leading traditional exchanges, allowing us to massively improve performance and easily add new features,” Bitstamp said.

A review found the impact on performance is so large, the exact hour of the upgrade is obvious and throughput immediately jumped around 10X in addition to reducing spreads relative to other exchanges, especially during demand spikes.

Making Bitstamp the latest to roll their carpet for institutional investors with the Luxembourg based exchange serving primarily Europe as well as the rest of the world.

They’ve remained relevant particularly due to their EUR trading pairs with the exchange recently adding GBP as well.

Kraken has given them some competition, but this Nasdaq integration now sets the exchange apart especially where traditional investors are concerned.

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