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Knives Out For Boris as Lockdown Speculation Reaches Fever Pitch


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Outrage is what describes the British media today ahead of a COBRA meeting tomorrow that some are taking as a sign of potential further measures.

Top experts from Oxford University have taken the microphone to tear this government to pieces, stating that it’s aim of suppression “is increasingly unfeasible and is leading to significant harm across all age groups, which likely offsets any benefits.”

They are ‘begging’ him to not impose a second lockdown, says the Sun, when in fact they present a detailed and reasonable eight points analysis of what you would have thought a British policy would have been from the get go.

If Oxford’s professor Sunetra Gupta is to potentially rise as a new hero, Lady Hale of the Supreme Court is to many law students a role model of uncomparable proportions for they’ve read many of her fine judgments in their studies and unlike many other book peoples, they can still hear her.

Parliament “surrendered its role” she said by giving the government “draconian” powers, adding:

“Maybe the lockdown and its severe consequences … were inevitable or at least the best solution that could be devised in the circumstances. My plea is that we get back to a properly functioning constitution as soon as we possibly can.”

A commons revolt is brewing with none other than Sir Graham Brady effectively calling Boris Johnson a dictator, saying he is ruling by decree.

“The British people aren’t used to being treated as children. We expect in this country to have a parliamentary democracy where our elected representatives on our behalf can require proper answers, not just have some imposed,” Brady said.

These measured statements are nothing to the media’s fury. Piers Morgan summarizes some of it:

“The Spectator buried him, The Telegraph buried him, The Times did an extraordinary piece saying he wants to be back with his ex wife, he is suffering from financial difficulties, he isn’t earning enough money for his various families. He is lonely, he is ill. It would not surprise me if Boris quit, there is no win for him here, everything is a loss and it’s piling up.”

“Could Boris quit?” – asks the Spectator in a now monotonous tone, as if it’s not even a question, but The Times arguably deals the knockout blow:

“Evidence is mounting that Sweden has beaten the coronavirus epidemic with herd immunity rather than lockdowns, according to a renowned expert on the spread of disease.

Sweden’s infection rate has remained low and stable at a time when other European countries are facing a strong resurgence.

In Britain there are 69 cases per 100,000 people compared to just 28 for every 100,000 in Sweden which did not implement stringent lockdown measures this spring.

The infection rate in France is almost seven times higher than in Sweden and the virus is ten times more prevalent in Spain, both countries that implemented strict lockdowns.

Kim Sneppen, professor of biocomplexity at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, an expert in the spread of the virus, has concluded that Sweden is beating coronavirus with heard immunity.”

That was the British policy as well with the agreement of almost all experts in this specialized field before Boris Johnson took the decision to lockdown the country for some three months until the first of July.

Now two months later, they’re effectively saying this lockdown achieved nothing save for -20% in GDP, as it is continuing to spread in line with what experts said it would do back in March.

As there is concrete scientific evidence in front of all of us in this A/B test, the pinnacle of scientific experimentation, it is difficult to see how any politician within a checks and balances system can sell even enforceable restrictions, let alone a second house arrest.

Sweden’s willingness and ability to withstand the pressure back in March makes it clear just what is science and what is politics or incompetence or idiocity.

This lockdown speculation however due to Boris’ actions in calling Cobra, conveniently comes just days before MPs are to vote on the 30th of September on whether to extend an act that suspends herbis corpus itself.

How each and every single MP will vote you’d think will be something cited for years and decades to come, for like the Iraq War we all know there are no weapons of mass destruction, and like Sweden proves, we all know lockdowns don’t work.

As such it appears all have concluded Boris must go. Some are suggesting Gove should replace him, but in that case Boris must stay. Bring in David Davis.

He is the only one elected who somewhat loudly stood for civil liberties in the naughties. He appears to look the part, especially for current times. He probably would command the confidence of the nation, at least for some time until we see how he governs. And he can be trusted on Brexit as well, but thoughtful Brexit, not let’s bring out the trenches again.

He is what others think of England, or so he appears. Smart, sophisticated, meticulous, honest to a fault, and thoughtful.

While someone like Boris is more the revolt that was. A charging bull rarara at the two decades of war they gave us, but he’s done his task, Davis’ job now to do the harder task of cleaning up all this mess that risks a calamity perhaps even bigger than the Iraq War.

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