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Footsie Rises as Boris Backs Off



British stocks are up for once after falling 5% due to speculations of a second lockdown, with FTSE 100 now up by about 5%.

That suggest the market is relieved, with the measures announced by the British Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson being more the ‘stay safe’ sort than house arrest for all.

FTSE 100 recovers, Sep 2020
FTSE 100 recovers, Sep 2020

Science apparently has determined that rarona chills out before 9:59PM, but after 10:01PM apapapappapa. So pubs have to close now after 10PM.

Usually they close at 12PM, so it’s not a huge difference, but the idea presumably is to stop Brits from getting drunk as then they won’t care about rarona.

Good luck with that, but the army is to patrol the pubs now because Borisov thinks the British people are some sort of insurgency fighting against the dictatorship.

Masks are now compulsory for shop keepers. Them Tesco boys that don’t give a f now have to look like zombies.

Never mind they’ve been out there, day in and day out, for months, through the peak in April and throughout. With this thing being very contagious, if the Tesco boys haven’t got it yet, they never will.

Also no visitors are allowed into your house now. You can go to work though, but work from home if you can. Six months of this, “perhaps.”

The leader of the opposition has stated if there is a second lockdown it would be an utter and complete, absolute, mountain failure. So Pfeffel is calling a lockdown the ‘nuclear option’ now.

It would also be pointless clearly. If three months of total nationwide house arrest seemingly did nothing, then another round of house arrests would again do nothing because as soon as libertas, omergad rarona man.

Very conveniently, all this rarona aaaa comes just days before MPs are to vote on whether to take away rarona related dictatorial powers from Pafavel. They better do so because the British are not the Taliban that you gotta bring in the army for their own health.

After that, this rarona thing probably would recede as it did in Austria. There should be a lot of herd immunity by now, especially in London and other centers, so the rate of spreading should be a lot lower than during the peak.

However in more remote areas or small towns, there would probably be less herd immunity, if any at all. So you need a more map based strategy where pubs for example are fully closed in some town or village, but in London they can go on as normal.

Otherwise a blanket strategy might make matters worse because people who are immune wouldn’t come between rarona and stop it.

It’s a shambles really and Brits must be very ashamed them Vikings are beating them again with their no lock down sophistication and stupid blond hair.

Brits were so proud of their scientists back when. We cool bro, we got science, we got uuu, dis is engaland bra. And then, dum dum dum dum dum, while Sweden proves they should have followed the science and not the politics.

So ridicule is now the status of Borisov Pafavel who all of Europe and America is looking with puzzlement in regards to what on earth was all this second lockdown nonsense. Here’s the Telegraph, the chief supporter you’d think of da Prime Minista:

“As the scary graphs flourished by the Two Horsemen of the Apocalypse on Monday demonstrated, if cases double every week then by next month there will be 50,000 a day. I admit this is just a definition of exponential increase, not a forecast. But it could happen. And if it doesn’t, then that shows the measures we have taken work. If it does, then that’s your fault, too.”

Hopefully this prediction is not based on the same discredited software by commie Neil Ferguson. Plus 50,000 cases sounds high but 99.9% of them would hardly even have a flu.

Not that the government can be trusted to not mix ordinary flu with this thing after they themselves admitted when they were trying to get people back to work that all these stats were incorrect, which is why they stopped publishing them.

Now that the EU negotiations went terribly and that the dictatorial powers are up for review, these stats suddenly get published again.

An absolute joke that makes a laughing stock of Britain most likely due to political interference in actual fact based science, instead of voodoo Fergusonianism.

The best scientists in Britain from the top university in the world, Oxford, are being completely ignored, presumably because their approach is too sophisticated for this Berlusconi that now runs England.

Anyway he backed down, so you can turn off the telly again or switch to the Powell Money Printing show running every morning at 10AM American time in Congress.

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