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Buzzing London Braces the Waves


London, Dulwich, Sep 27 2020

The streets of London are buzzing again in this typical cloudy Sunday of no rain with young and old, kids and mums, all enjoying the new old.

Face masks remain an exception, but bandanas or scarfs are back in style, bigly. Packed streets, however, are now the usual rule.

What made them all come out today, is a curious question. But Christmas has come early, the microphone said, and it does feel a bit Christmasy.

After one of the toughest year in living memory, the London spirit is back on the streets. It’s as if Londoners have decided: nothing can beat this land.

The corner pub of young’s delight with its walls painted in love has finally gotten a nice new rain shield. Orange. Love can go on.

Hey hey hey you got face covering? – says the candy shop man. No man I didn’t bruv. Well you can’t come in here.

You have to queue, with Londoners now finding a new game: find which shop might be emptier and figure out if the one you want will by then be too.

M&S queues, London, Sep 2020
M&S queues, London, Sep 2020

Mark and Spencer sets the record to the benefit of Co-op. Some shops have closed however, but new ones have opened.

What has not changed is the British man and woman. Polite as always, beautiful, especially the women, and determined to show nothing has changed, nothing is different.

In shops, almost all wear their face coverings now, but in the street, almost no one. That can change Britain because a face covering might begin being associated with safety, with that habit then perhaps continuing long after.

That’s why plenty resist them, but a bandana is a compromise not least because bandanas are made everywhere, unlike those clinical looking masks which are generally made just in China.

With it now being cold, bandanas keep you warm as well, and you do feel a bit more comfortable in the shop. Hence the nothing has changed London, except some temporary winter clothes in shops.

That should be the end of it you’d think. There isn’t much more that can be done. Other ‘solutions’ haven’t worked. So keep calm and carry on with slight temporary modifications.

Open everything. Even concerts. Looks cooler with bandanas anyway and if kids get to have their school fun, why shouldn’t young adults have their autumn luv or mums and dads their theatre plays.

We can’t just kneel, can we? Not this London anyway. If them Vikings don’t care at all about fear, Londoners can also dance.

It’s in adversity when you know what is a city, when you see its actual spirit. And today one could see why London attracts the best. Long may it welcome them and long may this hard rock rise above the mountains in a display of the centuries and millennium long successful navigations of challenges big and small.

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