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Ethereum 2.0 Dry Runs Chaotically


Ethereum 2.0 dry run not finalizing, Sep 2020

Chaos is the best word to describe the atmosphere currently in some ethereum 2.0 client chats where users are reporting receiving numerous errors.

Many of them seem to be user related technical failures like they haven’t set up the right flag for spadina, the name of the eth 2.0 dry run network.

It appears however some have just simply not gone through with validating after depositing with these being worthless testnet eth.

There have also been bugs and problems with Infura. A participant summarizes it as follows:

“I think there are multiple issues: ‘Nothing at stake’, people may deposit and not run a validator; ‘technical difficulty’, not super-obvious how to to run on spadina not medalla; ‘technical issues’, all four clients had issues that could keep them from participating if not addressed.

Outright bugs in all four, and a design choice/requirement in one that slows spinning one up down by a few days. I know users don’t get a vote, and: let’s do this again, within a fortnight at most.”

The confusion seems to have led to some blocks being orphaned with the database needing clearing:

Ethereum 2.0 Spadina dry run orphaned blocks, Sep 2020
Ethereum 2.0 Spadina dry run orphaned blocks, Sep 2020

The participation rate currently continues to remain very low, well below the 67% required with just circa 40% participating.

That suggests this situation may continue for some time, although it’s to be seen how quickly it will resolve.

It’s also not very clear whether much can be done about these ‘set it and forget it’ stakers who might have not remembered they have to get on with validating.

For the real launch, it would be real eth and real money at stake, with a minimum of 500,000 eth initially required in total, worth some $200 million.

So you’d think it would be a very different situation from get go, but another dry run may be needed as Nishant Das, an ethereum 2.0 developer, just said “we haven’t finalized yet.” That’s two hours after launch.

Getting practice for the actual launch was of course the whole point of this exercise as hopefully the devs have learned a lot as well as have fixed some bugs so can try again in a couple of weeks.

If that goes well, then November should still be good for phase 0 of the ethereum 2.0 launch as devs hone the process with plenty of time still left for November.

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